19 December 2012

Matt Saunders is the first in the world to test the Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution Pikes Peak racer. Whether it wins or not, its legacy is likely to be the next Lancer Evo - a car that's tipped to feature a hybrid powertrain.

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maropl 6 February 2013

The finish line for this

The finish line for this incredible time trial is three times as high as the summit of Ben Nevis, and to be the quickest to it, you need a very special car indeed. Smile Smile

anna212 31 December 2012

Great job

Even though the idea of electric car appears impressive, does anyone really think that it might be a commercial success?The whole point of electric car is to be able to design a technology that seem to find alternate means of fuel for transportation but the fact that the electric cars still have a long way to go before its true potential is completely utilised still remains to be seen.

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Humour 7 January 2013

I really do think that the

I really do think that the indicateurs commerciaux are there for the electric car. I also think that the indicateurs financiers are strong for that market. It is time to change and there is no question about that,

Cyborg 19 December 2012


I can't believe myself, but I think I'm slowly coming round to the idea of an EV sports car, that's actually desirable. Add a realtime Pagani or Ferrari engine note to the sound system and this could be fun!