18 May 2014

Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe puts the new Lamborghini Huracan through its paces on the country roads of Spain. Is the replacement for the Gallardo a worthy rival to the high-tech opposition from Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche?

Read Autocar's first drive review of the new Lamborghini Huracan.

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12 May 2014
Best review of the Huracan I've seen so far. Thanks for including the point about it NOT being a Speciale rival. Take note, Jethro!
Cheers Steve.

13 May 2014
Matty you nailed it
This is the entry Lambini not the track special.
I also love the cleanliness of the sides with the air intake up out the way.
Shame about the exterior mirrors again LaFerrari has the best ones with SLS close second.
I would love to see the spyder version of this.

12 May 2014
It somehow misses to hit a certain definition. Its an Italian car that is obviously German that relies on looks and on the other hand is also AWD. So is it just a pretty car that can cover ground rapidly? Nevertheless it retains the NA engine which is its strongest card. As a turbo it would just be a 911 turbo in drag.

12 May 2014
Keep opening your eyes, Steve, the tragic emasculation of fast cars continues...

youtube '2013 Lamborghini LP550-2: Drifting the last old-school supercar' to remember what the motoring press have done so little to protect.

12 May 2014
...for producing a badged up Audi...

12 May 2014
I think this is prettier than the Gallardo, but it need something like the Balboni, the 2wd manual Gallardo that Lamborghini built to celebrate their long term test driver. Who knows what versions will follow, but i doubt we will will get anything like that.

13 May 2014
Yet another example of marketing people ruining a product. I've seen this with understeery like a dump truck Audi S models, but now with Lambos too. Idiotic if you ask me, in a day where competitors offer neutral handling and option to kill electronic aids, to castrate a bull is abomination. It shows complete and utter disregard for the brand. If I wanted an artificial driving experience, I'd drive an M6, but Lambo must be incredibly special and this car isn't.


13 May 2014
Thinking back to the 1960's and Ferruccio's wish to make a fast, comfortable, attractive car, which in various guises, he accomplished during his tenure. The Swiss owners that followed very quickly ran the company into the ground, leaving the French owners to save what was left until Chrysler eventually stepped in with the resources to fund new development (although unfortunately, they seemed to be unaware of, or didn't care, what Ferruccio had intended). Some forty years after Ferruccio sold his remaining shares, it would appear that Lamborghini has finally returned to something close to what he imagined his cars to be.......

13 May 2014
Built to sell & a be Daily driver machine.

Should make profits for Lamborghini & Keep many an owner very happy.

Not a track day special.....................

13 May 2014
Don't know about you,but, i like help,so if i did over do it,at least i would have a chance of not bending it against a wall or whatever,i don't pretend i'm a Driving God,i know my limits,so a bit of help is sometimes welcome.


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