11 April 2014

The McLaren 650S is almost as fast as a Bugatti Veyron, but costs less than one fifth of the price. After driving the McLaren 650S Spider last week, Steve Sutcliffe takes to the Ascari circuit in southern Spain to discover if the replacement for the McLaren 12C lives up to the promise of being much faster and more exciting to drive.

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jcvz 22 August 2014

McLaren 650S

it seems the most of you are experts and Ferrari 458 owners which is obviously a fantastic car.
i had for nearly 6 years a F360 and recently a F458 spider with all the whistles and bells you can imagine.
The F458 is a fabulous car and so much better than the F360 but my brand new (got it 3 weeks ago) Orange McLaren 650S spider is a total different league, its fast, comfortable, modern
and a real head turner .
I use the car almost everyday and i can sincerely say that in my 20 years supercar experience i never had such a wonderful car.
SirSidneyRuffdiamond 22 April 2014

Great car. And Steve Sutcliffe is the business.

Great car, clearly, though I'm not that taken with the front end personally.
Steve Sutcliffe really is the business, the best around?
Lesia44 16 April 2014

papagomp said: "So Sutters,

papagomp said: "So Sutters, is it better than the Italia?"

Almost certainly not. After all, that's the sensational headline every car hack would love to be able to print, yet Mr S goes nowhere near the subject.