The 508 has, in our experience to date, shown itself as a genial and relaxing drive companion. And despite carrying an extra 100kg over the conventionally powered car, the plug-in hybrid continues the theme.

It is at its best when mooching around. Our test car rode on £1000 adaptive dampers and the ride was always pliant. Scroll through the 508’s drive modes towards its more performance-oriented ones and you’ll fail to note a discernible uptick in the kind of dynamism it offers. It’s not without agility compared with some cars in the class – it feels more responsive than, say, a Vauxhall Insignia or VW Passat – but comfort is its primary setting. Which is fine – it matches the mood in which the drivetrain is at its best, too.

We’ve tried 508s on larger wheels than these 17s – 18in and 19in. The secondary ride didn’t bother us here like it did on 18s.

What does contribute to whatever agility it has is its direct, quick steering. A small-diameter wheel necessitates a high degree of assistance, to the extent that there’s precisely nothing fed back here, except a modicum of torque steer from a standing start or out of tight corners. Assume grip levels and ask a lot of the 508, though, and it shows good adhesion, resistance to understeer and good body control for the class.