Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Make no mistake: we’ve seen circa- £130k BMWs before. But whereas the likes of the M760Li represent the pinnacle of what Munich can achieve with a luxury limousine, the M8’s GT car aspirations land it in territory occupied by an even more exclusive class of vehicle.

Next to the likes of the Continental GTC V8 or DB11 Volante, the droptop M8 Competition’s comparatively affordable £130,435 asking price might see it win favour with those who aren’t quite willing to make the jump up to those properly blue-blooded alternatives. But for those who can, that saving might not be quite enough to make up for the comparable lack of prestige attached to the BMW’s propeller roundel – regardless of how many options you then attach to the car.

The BMW’s value decreases at a similar rate to the Aston Martin DB11’s. By comparison, the Mercedes S63’s value drops like a stone.

Speaking of which, our test car was equipped with the £20,000 Ultimate pack, which adds practically every option you’d care to include. Extensive carbonfibre exterior details, carbon brake, ventilated seats, an uprated stereo system and far more besides are all added to the M8 Competition’s already generous level of standard equipment.

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