Uncompromised style, premium desirability, performance in reserve, multi-faceted rear-drive handling, improved practicality and even decent value. How much more could we expect? Nothing at all.

BMW has no obligation to make this car more usable than a transverse-engined, front-drive Peugeot RCZ, for example, but it has. The M240i’s mix of attributes is one that nothing else in the segment can touch. It’s an outstanding car.

It mixes pace, style, usability, desirability and handling panache as only a BMW can

Nowhere will you find a more pleasing powertrain to interact with, or a faster car, for similar money.

And in only a couple of sports coupés – like the Toyota GT86 and Porsche Cayman – will you find a more rewarding driving experience. And there’s no shame for this BMW in losing out those.

We regret only two things: that good old-fashioned suspension tuning seems to have fallen out of fashion at BMW and that one or two of the items on the M240i’s options list aren’t standard.

Otherwise, this is a car to celebrate and enjoy unreservedly. The fact that BMW now has the M2 and M240i propping up its sport range means anyone looking to buy a fast small coupé will be spoilt for choice.

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