With prices starting from just under £71,000, the SQ7 takes a healthy advantage into comparisons with many of its opponents.

Next to the Range Rover Sport SVR and Porsche Cayenne Turbo, whose speed the car approaches without quite equalling, the Audi enjoys a £25,000 incentive, and even lined up against the performance diesel options within the Range Rover Sport and Cayenne ranges, it doesn’t look expensive.

Expect stellar values compared to the SQ7’s closest rivals as a reflection of the Audi badge’s presumed exclusivity

Emissions of CO2 from 190g/km will make for a relatively appealing BIK liability next to almost any rival of similar performance (save, admittedly, for the latest breed of petrol-electric plug-in hybrids).

Meanwhile, our CAP sources suggest there are few similar SUVs you could buy right now that will hold their value better than an SQ7.

The car is expected to perform even better, over three years and 36,000 miles, than its lesser-powered range mates – almost unheard of among expensive performance derivatives.

No True MPG testing was conducted on the SQ7, but our direct experience suggests that owners can expect an average fuel economy return of around 24mpg, making for a real-world range of 450 miles from an 85-litre fuel tank.

If you are tempted, then we suggest speccing your SQ7 with the 21in rims we have here, even though the 22in wheels may improve the scrappy limit handling. We would also tick the Driving Dynamics and Technology packs and the option of extended leather too.


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