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The V12 Q7 is so out of step with its time, it exudes a charm unlike anything else on the road
Nic Cackett
1 March 2012

What is it?

A fantasia-style options package for the Q7 V12 TDI based on the Coastline concept that appeared on a show stand back in 2008.

For a barely believable £44,350, Audi will outfit the SUV with an Exclusive concept package that includes a stupendous amount of Nappa leather and American Walnut, as well as gargantuan 21-inch polished alloys.

All there is for the customer to do is add that number to the V12’s six-figure starting price, tot up a few other optional extras (the Bang&Olufsen sound system is £4010 on its own) and then write a check that would cover the purchase of a Porsche 911 Carrera, a Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE and a Caterham Seven Supersport.

What’s it like?

Overboard. Few cars would be capable of tastefully accommodating the vast quantities of wood and animal skin that Audi has seen fit to include in the concept package, and the Q7 is certainly not among them.

Partly this is due to the age of the car – there’s simply no hiding the fact that the vast interior is well past its sell-by-date – which makes the expensive additions look about as out of place as a fur coat on a dead fox.

Not that being out of context is an unusual theme for Audi’s largest soft roader. Proportioned like a continental shelf and powered by the mammoth V12 TDI, the Q7 surges between traffic tidal flows with an extraordinary sense of urgency for a car weighing over two and a half tons.

So beguiling is the growling presence of perpetual thrust that after a while it’s difficult to resist the zaniness of the package. Almost nothing about the car makes sense, but after surfing your radiator-hot leather armchair home on a 737lb ft high wave of torque it almost feels appropriate that your solitary Tesco’s shopping bag sits on a boot floor made of solid walnut.

Should I buy one?

Absolutely not. The Q7 Exclusive concept package is overpriced, overengined and about as tasteful as a gold-plated oil barrel. If fast, massively expensive SUVs are your thing then the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the Range Rover Sport are far superior in almost every regard - and are considerably cheaper.


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However, if you get the opportunity to borrow one on a short-term basis, jump at the chance. Like a loaded shotgun in a playground, the V12 Q7 is so cataclysmically out of step with its time that it exudes a roguish charm quite unlike anything else on the road.

Audi Q7 V12 TDI with Exclusive concept package

Price: £154,175 (£44,350 for pack); Top speed: 155mph; 0-62mph: 5.5 seconds; Economy: 25mpg; CO2: 298g/km; Kerbweight: 2635kg; Engine type, cc: Twelve-cylinder turbodiesel, 5934cc; Power: 493bhp; Torque: 737lb ft; Gearbox: Six-speed tiptronic

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1 March 2012

Tasteless and hideous, premiership footballers please start the queue here............

1 March 2012

And I was saying the other day I wondered why manufacturers didn't use wooden flooring in production cars.

Now I know! It appears that they have the ability to make it look totally tacky.

You have to wonder if they are using this as a litmus test to see how the new Bentley SUV will be built and trimmed?

One Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand Pounds!

No wonder they have just turned record profits.

1 March 2012

They should make a stretched one for China.

1 March 2012

Why does it take an Audi 5934cc to do what a BMW 2998cc ( 50d ) can do - better?

1 March 2012

I have to say, ignoring the price, as far as Q7`s go I have seen many more examples that are visually more offensive than this.

I, almost, admire it.

1 March 2012

Vulgar, tasteless, expensive, hideous, uneconomical, dated... the list goes on. The thing is, I'm glad it's there. It may be the most pointless car on sale, but it's good to know that there is a car out there which completely bucks the trend. I'd have it over an Overfinch, put it that way.

1 March 2012

Not big enough, but great value!

1 March 2012

[quote Lotus Man]BMW 2998cc ( 50d )[/quote]

It's actually 2993cc!

1 March 2012

A fox HAS got a fur coat - dead or alive……..

1 March 2012

[quote Fidji]Vulgar, tasteless, expensive, hideous, uneconomical, dated... the list goes on[/quote]

Probably, possibly but this is nothing more than a response to the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition. If LR they can get away with charging £130k for their supercharged V8 plus bespoke interior it seems entirely logical (relatively speaking) that Audi might as well do their own version for the V12 diesel.

I wouldn't go near either with a barge pole but given LR couldn't sell enough of 'em it's a no-brainer for Audi.


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