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Suzuki has removed all non-hybrid variants from its UK line-up; only existing orders of Jimny 4x4 will be fulfilled
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8 July 2020

Suzuki’s UK line-up is will soon be exclusively hybridised, with non-electrified variants of all models down to dealer stock only and the Jimny 4x4 now no longer directly available to order. 

The future of the compact off-roader was already in question after Suzuki UK said it would only be sold “in very limited numbers throughout 2020” at the start of the year. A brand spokesperson has now confirmed that “once existing and limited number dealer allocations to customers are fulfilled over the next 4-5 months” it will be officially axed. 

As previously rumoured, there remains a possibility that the model could be brought back into the market as an N1 class commercial vehicle in future, with the removal of the rear seats to enable a load bay alongside other homologation alterations. However, this is yet to be confirmed. 

The Jimny’s fate is largely down to the adverse effect it has on the brand’s fleet average CO2 emissions. Even in most frugal manual form its CO2 rating is 154g/km - well above the 95g/km fleet average Suzuki will need to meet in 2021. 

Suzuki’s wider range now comprises the Vitara and S-Cross SUVs, the Swift and Swift Sport hatchbacks and the Ignis city car.  All are now offered solely with mild-hybrid petrol engines.

The Ignis and Swift use a cheaper and simpler 12v system, while the SUVs and Swift Sport use a more advanced 48v system. Suzuki claims economy is boosted by as much as 15%, and CO2 is reduced by as much as 25%, compared with the previous non-hybrid versions. 

The range will soon also be joined by the Across SUV - recently revealed as the first product created under a partnership between Suzuki and Toyota. Essentially a rebadged and lightly restyled RAV4, the Across features Suzuki's first plug-in hybrid powertrain. 


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8 July 2020

I think the Jimny is great. A right-sized proper off roader that is probably the cutest looking thing on the road. What a shame they can't get the omissions down. I'd buy an  electric one in a heartbeat. 

9 July 2020

It's possibly more to do with upcoming safety standards than an inability to fit a more economical engine.

8 July 2020

This will open up the market to people wanting to import one from Jampan...

8 July 2020
Handing the sector over to someone else. Pathetic

8 July 2020

But worst of all the Hybrid Swift Sport is still 127g.


8 July 2020

.... for the Jimny!

Its a shame. An affordable countryside car for those who live in rural areas subject to extremes of weather and rough roads/tracks.

If you had a house in the Highlands you would definitely keep one in the Garage.

Even stronger residuals now!

8 July 2020
Firstly that Suzuki had not anticipated this nor secondly they don't have an EU friendly engine in their whole range they could stick in it to make it compliant. Shame they never released a 5 door lwb version , that probably would have done the job the Ineos is being built for at probably half the price.


8 July 2020

Weird that Suzy haven't given the Jimmy a decent engine.

Make it electric with a good range and I'd chop my Cybertruck order in a heartbeat.

The overstyled Suzuki Across looks ghastly: another lumpen SUV.

8 July 2020

The question is why hasn't a mild hybrid Jimny been developed? the little car had a small but very loyal following and where are they going to go. The new mild hybrid Swift Sport,S-Cross & Vitara have come with quite stiff price increases as well and no doubt the introduction of the RAV4 based Across will introduce a more expensive car sitting above the Vitara. Perhaps Suzuki should look back ten years to when they introduced the Kizashi,remember that? that didn't exactly set the market alight did it. I'm rathere worried that since the removal of the Baleno & Celerio from the price lists where are the customers going to go,Dacia & MG dealers must be rubbing their hands with glee

8 July 2020

Goodbye to the only interesting model in Suzuki's lineup! We're left with the bland and unmemorable.


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