Car review

Suzuki Across

Japanese brand tiptoes into expensive, electrified SUV territory, with Toyota’s help

From £45,5999
16 April 2021
Car review

Suzuki Swace

Badge-engineered hybrid wagon holds plenty of pragmatic appeal

From £27,4997
11 January 2021
Car review

Suzuki Jimny

Was Suzuki's iconic miniature off-roader’s long-overdue overhaul worth the wait?

From £16,7497
7 December 2018
Car review

Suzuki Swift Sport

The sportier Suzuki Swift’s chirpy character is preserved, and with the bonus of more power and more tech. Handling could be more responsive, but it's fun nevertheless

From £17,9998
26 October 2017
Car review

Suzuki Swift

Suzuki’s best-selling supermini returns in a new guise and with mild hybrid tech

From £11,4847
26 May 2017
Car review

Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki's dinky SUV is extremely well priced and packaged - enough to forgive its stodgy handling and so-so interior quality and infotainment

From £11,1908
29 November 2016
Car review

Suzuki Baleno 2016-2019

Suzuki brings back its 1990s family hatchback in modern, downsized form

From £12,5906
22 August 2016
Car review

Suzuki Vitara

Vitara shreds its old-school roots to return as a lighter, lower SUV at the modest end of the class, but with driving ability beyond its price

From £14,4707
1 May 2015
Car review

Suzuki Celerio 2015-2019

Does Suzuki's new compact runabout have what it takes to succeed, or do established city cars like the VW Up and Hyundai i10 offer a more complete package?

From £6,4907
26 March 2015
Car review

Suzuki SX4 S-Cross

Second-generation soft-roader enters the family crossover fray at the affordable end of the segment, but marginally costlier rivals offer more refinement

From £17,5507
6 November 2013
Car review

Suzuki Swift 2013-2017

The Suzuki Swift may not be as well finished or as spacious as some rivals, but its aggressive pricing makes it an attractive option

From £8,7407
3 October 2013