Rival to the Ford Focus RS due next year; the Cupra will arrive alongside new digital infotainment technology based on Audi's i-Cockpit
21 November 2016

A four-wheel-drive Seat Leon Cupra super hatch will be launched next year with more than 300bhp.

Seat has now revealed details of its more potent 2017 Leon Cupra. Click here to read about it.

Announced at the facelifted Leon’s launch, the model will supersede the front-driven Cupra 290 to become the hottest car in Seat’s range. It will be a rival to the Volkswagen Golf R, with which it will likely share its engine and all-wheel-drive system, and the Ford Focus RS.

The model will make use of a uprated version of the Cupra 290's turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine and Haldex four-wheel drive technology.

It'll likely come exclusively with a six-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox, and get more aggressive bodywork, possibly inspired by the Leon Cup race car (pictured above).

The introduction of all-wheel drive to the Leon signals the end of the Cupra's association with a front-driven driven chassis - and also confirms the model's graduation into the segment's premier league.

The 300bhp Leon Cupra could share its drivetrain with a Cupra version of the Ateca SUV, which was spotted testing earlier this month and is rumoured to have at least 300bhp at its disposal.

The Leon also looks set introduce a new digital cockpit system to Seat’s range. Presumably the first carryover of Audi's i-Cockpit technology within the Volkswagen Group, the system will enable customisation of displays and dual-screen views and should be available with all models from the Leon up.

2017 will be a busy year for Seat as it will also launch its new Ibiza. A development car for that model has been seen wearing camouflage to make it look like a Hyundai i20.

Our Verdict

Seat Leon 5dr hatch

Seat's third-generation Leon is attractive and capable, but it can't quite reach the benchmark set by the imperious Volkswagen Golf

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21 November 2016
i cant wait for this. So excited! have always preferred these to the golf counterparts.
Red Devil

21 November 2016
I'll take an ST version please. Though maybe in the future Autocar will actually say SEAT instead of letting their spell checker change it to Seat (every other website gets it wright, write, right, rite, sorry CORRECT....)




21 November 2016
A Golf R with SEAT bodywork then.

Hardly "new news" (apart from the distracting electronic dashboard shizzle)

21 November 2016
The biggest problem I can see with this car is they're likely to price it very close to the Golf R, although specification is probably going to be a bit higher, but when you factor depreciation into the mix you're probably better off with a Golf...

For example, I was seeing roughly where my Golf R sat on Auto Trader and found a 64 plate base spec with low miles around £20k-22k. 65 plate with under 6k miles Cupra 290's (which originally cost a whisker less than the R) are going from £17k!!

Just my thoughts.

21 November 2016
I love the idea of an awd 300bhp monster Leon Cupra but the 280 has shown that it's lighter fwd chassis makes it faster and better handling than the heavier fwd bias, awd Golf R on a dry circuit. If SEAT can produce a better awd hot hatch than the Golf R and as good as Focus RS by taking away the front wheel bias and creating a chassis that can allow the back to slide then they'll be onto a winner. At the moment i fear that the same setup will just make it be SEAT's version of the Golf R.

21 November 2016
Completely agree as long as you are talking about performance in the dry. The Cupra driver wouldn't see which way a Golf R went in the wet...

21 November 2016
The stable is getting bigger, Golf, S3 Sportback, S3 3dr, S3 4Dr in terms of price it would have to be a fair bit lower otherwise it will have the same problem as the Ibitza Cupra 1.8 against the Polo GTI i.e. it just won't sell without a big discount

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

21 November 2016
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21 November 2016
Hi Phifre. A new Lotus Carlton sounds awesome - had it been in storage and not registered for 24 years? Send me a message and I'll give you all my money, savings and bank details immediately.




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