Currently reading: Electric DS 3 Crossback to be revealed at 2018 Paris motor show
Following the launch of the DS 7 Crossback, there will be three more SUVs from the brand; a small model is next

DS will reveal the electric DS 3 Crossback compact SUV, a rival to the Audi Q2, at the Paris motor show this October ahead of its launch in 2019.

Stéphane Le GuévelUK boss of the PSA Group, confirmed to Autocar last year the arrival of the B-segment SUV as the next model in DS's brand offensive, which will include four SUVs. 

The DS 3 Crossback has been revealed. Catch the full story here

Further details on the compact SUV have now been revealed ahead of its launch. The EV variant of the new car, which will run alongside more traditional powertrains, will be available from launch and will offer a range of more than 124 miles on each charge. The urban-focused car is likely to have a 50kW battery pack.

Built on the PSA's Compact Modular Platform, the EV and its conventionally powered sibling will come as the second of six new models released over six consecutive years, the first of which was the recently introduced DS 7 Crossback.

Le Guével told Autocar last year that there would be four SUVs in total by 2021. Arnaud Leclerc, the firm's then-UK development boss who has since moved to head Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in the UK, added that one of those SUVs would be a standalone hybrid.

The new baby SUV could also indirectly replace the current DS 3 supermini. Le Guével said last year: “The [small car] market is going towards small SUVs rather than three-doors. So there will be a different offering [than the 3]." Leclerc added that such a move would "make sense".

Talking about the design of the baby SUV, Le Guével said that it would not look like a smaller version of the 7 Crossback, instead having its own distinct look. 

When it goes on sale in 2019, the model is expected to take three times as many sales as the 7 Crossback, Leclerc said. 

DS product boss Eric Apode told Autocar that "DS has to lead [the electric] innovation" within the PSA Group. "This is also because of pricing. It [electric technology] has to start with premium brands because the prices will be high," he said. "Then, as the pricing decreases, it can go to the other brands."

The 7 Crossback will become the first alternatively fuelled offering from the brand when a plug-in petrol hybrid arrives in the coming months. It will leave the following smaller SUV to become the first DS to offer an electric variant.

Le Guével confirmed that DS's larger models, such as the 7 Crossback, will have plug-in hybrid variants, while smaller models such as the Q2-rivalling upcoming SUV will be electric. This tallies with PSA's broader electrification strategy; for example, the Peugeot 3008 will be offered as a hybrid, while the Peugeot 208 will have an electric option. 


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Additional reporting by Simon Davis and Doug Revolta

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tuga 22 May 2018


They better offer well above 120 miles if they're ever to be taken seriously. 120 miles is what the Renault Zoe did... when it was launched, 5 years ago. It has doubled that range now. And it isn't " premium ", like DSs are supposed to be.

adrian888 22 May 2018

Q2 sightings

They must be all in Yorkshire, i see plenty. However more to the point why doesnt PSA resurrect their very effective and low cost compressed air hybrid system now they have greater economies of scale following the purchase of Opel? 

Andrew1 22 May 2018

It isn't that low cost. They

It isn't that low cost. They tried to find parteners to help funding it and couldn't. It also raises some safety concerns.

xxxx 22 May 2018

I had high hopes

And at around 124 miles range yours will be near the lower limits, even more so in 2019.  Converting an existing ICE/Hybrid designed car to take a motor and big batteries will always result in a compromised car hence the 124 mile range. I can't see DS making it to 2019