Car review

DS 3 Crossback

French premium brand gets PSA’s new supermini platform first. Does it deliver against class leaders like the Mini Countryman and Audi Q2?

19 July 2019
Car review

DS 7 Crossback

PSA’s luxury brand takes on the established order with its new SUV flagship, which comes with plenty of Gallic charm

From £28,0957
28 September 2018
Car review

DS 3 2015-2019

Reworked supermini aims to take the fight to Mini with a focus on styling and interior comfort - but competition is fierce at this end of the market

From £15,2157
25 April 2016
Car review

DS 4 Crossback 2015-2018

Upmarket Citroën brand’s facelifted family car is now in high-riding guise, but an increasingly crowded crossover market makes for stiff competition

From £23,3556
15 January 2016
Car review

DS 4 2015-2018

The DS 4 is a high-riding hatchback, but for all its maker's claims to the contrary, its too much like the standard C4

From £16,9807
20 March 2014
Car review

DS 3 Racing 2011-2012

Citroen's hot hatchback is appealingly intense, and good fun, but its high price and firm ride let it down

13 February 2014
Car review

DS 5 2015-2018

The Citroën DS5 is a handsome hatchback designed with a premium feel, but doesn't back up its road presence with a refined ride

From £21,6707
28 October 2013
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Car review

DS 3 2010-2015

The Citroën DS3 is an upmarket, stylish supermini, but does it have what it takes to beat the Mini?

From £11,7507
5 February 2012