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Sitting between the Q2 and Q3, the SUV will be revealed in concept form in early 2019

A concept version of Audi’s upcoming compact electric car will be revealed early next year, before going on sale at a similar time to the E-tron GT.

Based on the MEB platform, a Volkswagen Group-wide architecture that is being used for VW’s ID range of EVs, the zero-emission model will be an SUV sitting between the Audi Q2 and Q3 in size.

The small EV is likely to become Audi’s biggest-selling electric car when it arrives in 2021, thanks to being the most affordable EV in its line-up.

It will sit alongside the already-launched Audi E-tron SUV and upcoming E-tron Sportback, as well as the flagship E-tron GT, which was recently revealed in concept form. 

Some of the design cues of the E-tron GT, such as the shoulder line, inverted grille and air intakes, are the same for the as-yet-unnamed model, Audi design boss Marc Lichte confirmed to Autocar.

Audi is using a number of different platforms for its electric models. The E-tron and E-tron Sportback are based on Audi’s modular longitudinal platform, called MLB, while the E-tron GT is based on the same J1 architecture as the upcoming Porsche Taycan EV

Audi’s use of the MEB architecture for the small SUV will ensure the car is more affordable than its bigger electric siblings. The MEB platform is being used for many EVs across the VW Group, including VW, Skoda and Seat EVs, meaning it will benefit from economies of scale. It’s likely that the model will start from around £30,000.

Audi announced last year that it will launch 12 electric models by 2025. Alongside the aforementioned models, there will be five more SUVs.

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FRI2 19 December 2018

Another vapor ware for 2020..

Another vapor ware for 2020...


rsmith 18 December 2018


Better they take time and do it correctly, rather than rush something out like Jag because they are getting desperate both on sales figures and finances. Similar to Tesla, with their masses of build issues - such as the put your hand in here body gaps.

xxxx 18 December 2018


Rushed out i-Pace? As in the 'from the ground up' BEV, sub 5 sec 0-62  that has a 10 month waiting list and CAR mag said "The Jag i-Pace represents a huge achievement, from its avant-garde design to its cutting-edge engineering to its rewarding dynamics and high levels of interior refinement".

And no-one can get a hand inside a Tesla panel gap.

xxxx 18 December 2018

VAG future EV

Nr2 of the week. Still thinking VAG might get 7 by Sunday evening

The Apprentice 18 December 2018

xxxx wrote:

xxxx wrote:

Nr2 of the week. Still thinking VAG might get 7 by Sunday evening

If they employed as many engineers as they do photoshop artists then they might actually produce something in the metal.Seriously I am grateful for these stories, I was going to buy a new car but have decided to hold off and wait now in case maybe, possibly, probably a better Audi version might come along in just a few short years.