Currently reading: Tailgating is UK's biggest menace
AA survey reveals the problem is the biggest annoyance for motorists

Tailgating is the habit that most annoys drivers in the UK, according to a survey of over 14,500 motorists released today as part of a new Autocar/AA campaign aimed at improving the standard of driving on Britain’s roads.

In total 36 per cent of respondents picked tailgating over talking on a mobile phone while driving (23 per cent), and middle lane hogging (18 per cent). Just four per cent of respondents said speeding was the most irritating habit.

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“This survey shows that British motorists want something to be done about the poor driving we see everyday on the country’s roads,” said Autocar editor Chas Hallett.

"We want the driving test to include motorway driving and lane discipline. Too many new drivers pass their test without ever having driven on a motorway and it shows in the lack of awareness obvious on the UK’s roads."

Drive Better will also call for more traffic police on the roads to improve road safety, as an alternative to the government’s reliance on speed cameras.

You can read more about the Autocar/AA Drive Better campaign here

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