Currently reading: Quick news: VW van breaks 'Ring record; 3.8sec 0-62 for new Corvette
Ford developing new brake warning system; 3.8sec 0-62mph time for new Corvette; VW Transporter breaks Nürburgring lap record

Chevrolet has released the official performance figures for the new Corvette Stingray. Cars equipped with the ZR1 performance pack, which is standard on UK models, can acheive a claimed 3.8sec 0-60mph and generate 1.03g in corners. Braking from 60mph takes 107 feet.

Volkswagen tuner Revo has set a new Nürburgring lap record for a commercial vehicle. The firm's 220bhp remapped 2.0-litre twin turbo Transporter T5 set a time of 9 minutes 57 seconds, beating Sabine Schmitz’s record of 10 minutes 8 seconds set in a Ford Transit.

Ford is developing a car-to-car warning system that alerts the driver when vehicles ahead are braking. “Electronic Brake Light”, which transmits a signal that lights up a warning sign on the car’s dashboard, can work through traffic and even around corners. 

Richard Lane

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turbinecol 22 June 2013

So what...

The Transit was an unmodified production spec, right? A tuned VW is meaningless here. Ford should return with the Supervan2 and give them a proper kicking...

by the way, Revo seem to have done a terrible job of converting a tidy looking van into something really quite grim....

Jeremy 21 June 2013

The VW did a full lap, too,

The VW did a full lap, too, unlike the Transit, which makes it more than an 11 second margin.

Mr£4worth 21 June 2013

All that gadgetry

Not impressed by Ford's latest idea. It'll encourage people to pay even less attention.  If Audi reengineered their "2 hours" take a break dashboard light with Radar controlled cruise control, Google Earth and Ford's warning system business travellers could sleep whilst driving and just hear a gong when approaching a suitable rest area/INCIDENT.

That would be progress.