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Dieselgate-affected cars will all be fixed by next autumn, VW has told the European Commission

Volkswagen will fix all cars affected by the Dieselgate emissions scandal by Autumn 2017, and it has pledged to do so to the European Commission.

According to Reuters, Volkswagen made the vow to the European Commission in a meeting held between VW board member, Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, and EU consumer commissioner Vera Jourova and agreed upon the plans, as well as the timescale.

VW’s recall programme has been subject to delays, which suggested that it would spill into 2017; this has now been confirmed with the latest update to the fix schedule.

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The pledge comes just days after EU commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska announced her intention for the EU to penalise member states for not policing emissions policy close enough, as well as pressuring VW to compensate affected European customers as it is doing with American ones.

At the meeting, however, no agreement on compensation was discussed, so it’s believed that Volkswagen is holding its stance on refusing compensation to European customers, even though an extensive compensation package has been put in place for American customers.

This has drawn criticism from many, including the UK’s transport select committee, which criticised VW for not offering the compensation, as well as the UK government for not having taken decisive legal action against VW.

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More than one year on from the scandal, the debate continues to spark debate from all angles, while accountability is still under discussion, as Audi has recently been implicated further in the ongoing affair.

We are waiting for an official announcement of the agreement from Volkswagen. 

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spqr 23 September 2016

Autocar cannot bring itself to criticise VAG

At the start of VWgate/Dieselgate saga VAG said it would fix all the affected cars in 1 year. So this article is not really about VAG getting the issue resolved it is about VAG delaying and delaying. Could it be that LP is correct in that assertion. Think so. Why does Autocar not say this in the article? Could it be that Autocar does not bite the hand that feeds it?
xxxx 23 September 2016


VW will fix all cars by Autumn 2017? Except of course the ones of owners whom don't want them fiddled with
LP in Brighton 23 September 2016

Delaying tactics

By this time next year I'm sure that 10 percent of these cars will have been written off, suffered engine failures, or their owners will simply not respond to the recall notices. The longer this goes on, the fewer cars VW will have to fix limiting costs and damage to the company. And what's the rush, these cars are probably far less polluting than older diesel models and still meet the MOT test requirements - it's just that they don't comply with the latest new car regulations.