Just had one of those long drives with a car-loving mate when the conversation turned to a ‘fantasy garage’. Or ’desert island cars’, if you prefer.  

The question, this time: if you had to drive cars made by only one manufacturer for the rest of time, which company would it be?

The rules: you’d have access to any single car maker’s whole back catalogue, any time you wanted. Fuelled, working, free. Opening your garage door would be like stepping into a particular brand’s museum. You’ve got the life you have now, but pick the car you want to drive that day, and off you go.

And the badge on the nose is what matters, not the parent company. You can’t select ‘Volkswagen’ because it gets you a Golf and a Lamborghini Miura and a Porsche 917. Selecting VW would just get you the Golf.

But BMW would get you M cars and Mercedes would get you AMGs. Bentley would get you pre-war special-bodied variants. Anyway, that slightly convoluted explanation would make the shortlist a fairly short one, for me. I mean, all credit to you if you simply couldn’t go the rest of your life without spending quality time with an Ariel Nomad, but the cat would resent me if I tried to take him to the vet in one.