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Testing cars isn’t the only thing you can’t do remotely
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Matt Prior: Why Covid won't stop growth of Autocar's test team

Autocar has a rich history of taking in keen young journalists for work experience - but lockdowns throw a spanner in the works

14 May 2021
10 Ferrari limited series V12 special 4
Prior reckons the new Ferrari 812 Superfast special looks fantastic
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Matt Prior: The Ferrari 812 Competizione is all about the details

But what to expect from the drive? Ferrari has a habit of going off-piste when it comes to extreme variants of its V12 cars

7 May 2021
1 tyres
When your heart’s on fire… smoke gets in your tyre
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Matt Prior: Is today's rubber too tiresome for testing?

Pick the wrong car today and its tyres won’t fall off over several days, but several laps

30 April 2021
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Matt Prior: No one wants to go from A to B

We all say we want basic transport but if that was true, we would have kept buying the old Sandero

23 April 2021
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Matt Prior: Snap judgements aren't always bad judgements

But the arrivals of EVs make it harder than ever to predict the traffic-light grand prix

16 April 2021
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Matt Prior: Zen really does play a part in motorcycle maintenance

Maintaining things can be therapeutic. Emphasis on ‘can be’

9 April 2021
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Matt Prior: I've picked my dream car garage. Now it's your turn

This week our man has been choosing which three motors he'd buy with £100,000 - and wants to know which ones you'd have

2 April 2021
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Matt Prior: How slick simulators bring the road test indoors

Curv’s new AMR-C01 simulator rig costs £57,500. Bargain

26 March 2021
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Matt Prior: an SUV with personality is the rarest of things

The Jaguar F-Pace SVR has real character - something that doesn't seem to come easy within the class

19 March 2021
1 BMW M3 2021 8219
Prior drifting the new M3: he tried his best, honest
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Matt Prior: BMW's M Drift Analyser is the nichest of niche features

Our man had fun with the new M3 on an empty circuit - but wonders how many owners will do the same

11 March 2021
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Matt Prior: Audi's take on the Taycan proves EVs can excite

Prior is in love with the look of the new Audi E-tron GT, and optimistic for the future of EV design

3 March 2021
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Matt Prior: Consistent brilliance sets Porsche apart

The Porsche 956 is an incredible machine with a lasting legacy - does any manufacturer have the German brand's consistency?

26 February 2021



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