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Matt Prior: Consistent brilliance sets Porsche apart

The Porsche 956 is an incredible machine with a lasting legacy - does any manufacturer have the German brand's consistency?

26 February 2021
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Matt Prior: The Toyota GT86 will still set your tail wagging

The GT86 and BRZ are great. Could the duo be our man's favourite car of the past decade?

19 February 2021
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Matt Prior: Are we in danger of outgrowing old cars?

Your seven-foot-tall great-great-grandson might have trouble squeezing into your old Fiesta

12 February 2021
20 atom 4 rt 2019 3760
Rejoice! Specialist sales rose in 2020
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Matt Prior: Firing up a sports car never seemed so exciting

As lockdown rumbles on, our man is developing a bad case of cabin fever and hankering for the open road

5 February 2021
10 renault 5
Original Renault 5 supermini went on sale in 1972
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Matt Prior: When is the ideal time to revive a retro car?

Too soon and it's too naff, too late and it's become too classic

29 January 2021
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Matt Prior: Thoughts on the 2021 Car of the Year award

This year shortlist includes the Land Rover Defender and Citroen C4 - more news in a month or so

22 January 2021
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Matt Prior: Sometimes being a car journalist is a pain in the back

Prior's regular trips to ‘Cairo’ aren’t nearly as exotic as they sound

15 January 2021
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Skoda has banished its bad memories
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Matt Prior: Why car brands struggle to banish bad memories

Ill news travels fast, and can also be incredibly durable

8 January 2021
Ferrari 488 Pista
There aren’t too many neighbours to annoy near Anglesey Circuit
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Matt Prior: Is it too much to ask to make noise on a track day?

You can't burn rubber on roads but do it on a track and you could face noise complaints. Drivers can't win

11 December 2020
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Matt Prior: The secret social costs of EV charging

Not everybody will be able to fit an EV charger at home - how will the less well-off afford to charge their EVs?

4 December 2020
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The BMW iX design proves different isn't always better

New electric flagship has purposely been given a face only its mother could love, says Matt Prior - but why?

27 November 2020
It’s that time of year again, so turn on your foglights…
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Matt Prior: Are foglights a waste of light?

If you can see enough to do 80mph, you don't need them. If you need them, you shouldn't be driving fast

20 November 2020



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