EV charging lamppost
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Matt Prior: The secret social costs of EV charging

Not everybody will be able to fit an EV charger at home - how will the less well-off afford to charge their EVs?

4 December 2020
BMW iX - front
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Matt Prior: BMW iX design proves different isn't always better

The new electric flagship has purposely been given a face only its mother could love, but why?

27 November 2020
It’s that time of year again, so turn on your foglights…
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Matt Prior: Are foglights a waste of light?

If you can see enough to do 80mph, you don't need them. If you need them, you shouldn't be driving fast

20 November 2020
Lewis Hamilton
Statistics reflect talent in Hamilton’s case, reckons Prior
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Matt Prior: Is Hamilton the greatest? Of course he is

While it's obviously impossible to compare between eras, it's also impossible not to acknowledge Lewis's talent

13 November 2020
Maserati MC20 - front
The MC20 is charged with spearheading a new era for Maserati
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Matt Prior: Maserati's potential is being unleashed, and more's the pity

The Italian marque's line-up is getting a polish, but our man can't help mourning the loss of a bit of rough

6 November 2020
BMW M5 - front
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Matt Prior: Modern cars are too effective for their own good

Yes, our man would like cars to get a bit worse - a bit lighter, narrower and therefore more fun to drive

30 October 2020
Mercedes-Benz A-Class - front
Merc is scaling back after expanding hugely through small cars
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Matt Prior: Car makers should prioritise profit not volume

Mercedes is making the right moves in trimming its whopping 36 model lines. It's just a shame that the cost is the manual gearbox

23 October 2020
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Whizzo Williams
Whizzo Williams never much fancied racing retirement
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Matt Prior: How soon is too soon to call it a day in motor racing?

Hang up your helmet after one F1 title if you like, but our man prefers indomitables like Whizzo Williams

16 October 2020
AMG Saloon - rear
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Matt Prior: Why executive AMGs go the distance

Yes, they can cut it on the track, but cutting miles is their real strength

9 October 2020
Belgium motorway
You won’t get your kicks on Route E40
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Matt Prior: Why Belgium is the worst driving country in Europe

Well, except for England, as our man explains after a cross-continental excursion

2 October 2020
Nissan Z Proto side
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Matt Prior: No Nissan Z Proto is one way to encourage EV adoption

370Z successor won't be coming to Europe because of fleet CO2 averages. If you want one, you'd better buy a Leaf

25 September 2020
Audi E-tron Sportback
E-tron Sportback: quiet, comfy, fast, obese and pricey
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Matt Prior: Why heavy cars aren't worth their weight

Audi's E-tron Sportback drives well enough, but our man would rather have been steering something smaller and more spry

18 September 2020



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BMW Formula E cars testing at Valencia
Motorsport news

BMW to quit Formula E at the end of 2020/21

3 December 2020

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