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Matt Prior: How will supercars stay special in the EV era?

New rules won’t hit smallest makers, which could shake things up at the very high end of the car world

30 July 2021
1 Lotus Emira on Hethel test track
Emira is lighter than a Cayman but heavier than an A110
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Matt Prior: Forget weight and check the bottom line

The truth is that a Lotus is the ‘right’ weight when it becomes a car people want to buy

23 July 2021
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Matt Prior: At some point the law will catch up to e-scooters

Technically, e-scooters are currently illegal on UK roads and pavements

16 July 2021
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Matt Prior: Small cars are where the true luxury lies

Could you navigate a tight city bend in a Range Rover?

9 July 2021
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Matt Prior: Is it a bird or a plane? No, it's an ekranoplan

Our man wonders whether flying ferries will break us from the confines of lowly roads

2 July 2021
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Matt Prior: How a Honda misfire left me high and dry

The end of Prior’s Highland adventure had a predictable twist

25 June 2021
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Matt Prior: Are posh French cars really hard done by in the UK?

The DS 9 might attract with its Parisian chic better than the Citroën C6 did

18 June 2021
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1 airlander in sky
HAV reckons its Airlander will get you places cars can’t
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Matt Prior: Airships are back in the news, and it's about time

Our man is a big fan of airships even if they do get sniffy if someone nearby flaps their arms

11 June 2021
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Matt Prior: Any takers for the Lotus Elise tooling?

Our man would focus on maintaining, modifying, racing and restoring the cars already in circulation

28 May 2021
1 Garage Restoration Jacks Garage 2019 4279
A car changing hands should be enjoyable for buyer and seller
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Matt Prior: Don't let a few bad ads spoil the bunch

They could be trying to sell our man a a mint Nissan 350Z for a tenner and still he would pass on it

21 May 2021
2 reportage 403
Testing cars isn’t the only thing you can’t do remotely
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Matt Prior: Why Covid won't stop growth of Autocar's test team

Autocar has a rich history of taking in keen young journalists for work experience - but lockdowns throw a spanner in the works

14 May 2021
10 Ferrari limited series V12 special 4
Prior reckons the new Ferrari 812 Superfast special looks fantastic
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Matt Prior: The Ferrari 812 Competizione is all about the details

But what to expect from the drive? Ferrari has a habit of going off-piste when it comes to extreme variants of its V12 cars

7 May 2021


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