Trumpet-blow of the week: I’ve been bleating on for longer than is strictly healthy about how the Audi A2 was a car ahead of its time

So when the editor wanted to run a feature a few months ago about cars that should be reborn, a new A2 was the obvious choice for me. Any new A2 would have to be on the VW Group’s new MEB all-electric platform, I reckoned at the time, but there’d be a lot to like about a small, spacious, posh Audi

We had some industry experts assess our wares. “We think selling it would be the problem,” they said. To say I was ‘crushed’ hardly does my feelings justice. But what’s this from the Shanghai motor show? It’s only the flipping AI:ME concept: a compact, spacious, posh Audi based on the MEB all-electric platform – so perhaps other industry experts don’t think it’s such a bad idea after all. 

Our correspondent asked about visual and engineering similarities to the A2. “If there are parts of our heritage like this, it’s not bad, because it makes it recognisable,” he was told, but he was assured that really the AI:ME’s similarity of ethos to the A2 was “a coincidence”. 

I say you heard it here first. And if my premonitions keep going well, you’re going to love it when somebody gets around to making a new Matra-Simca Rancho.