Volvo launches always happen in Sweden, the car maker’s home country. But not the XC40. This time, we’re in Milan, Italy. Why? It’s Milan Fashion Week, of course. 

Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo's boss, tells the collected media: “Milan is the centre of fashion lifestyle trends. It is absolutely the right spot to launch this fantastic new car.”

Volvo XC40 review 

Design chief Robin Page continued: “When we first started sketching [this car], we want to look at new influences. Modern product design, architecture and fashion. Which is why we’re here [in Milan]. We wanted to create something very new and challenge how we normally design a car.”

Every car maker I know wants to be more ‘lifestyle’ these days, because that is what they think sells cars. And they’re probably right. I understand that when the main media vacates this reveal event later this afternoon, the pop-up venue will welcome a bunch of ‘influencers’, the generic term for people - often social media stars – who make people want to buy this car. I get it – I am definitely influenced by the people I follow on Instagram.