Volvo was the first of many car makers in recent months to make bold claims on electrification – every Volvo model launched from 2019 will be electrified. So what does that mean for the XC40? 

In pictures: the cars that made Volvo

With Jaguar silent on the prospect of a E-Pace hybrid and BMW adamant it won't bring its X1 plug-in hybrid for China to the UK, Volvo looked to be ahead of those two rivals – and most others – having confirmed an XC40 hybrid some time ago. Even better, there is also a fully electric version on the cards.

Volvo is known for leading the way with technological advancement – whether that’s its safety systems or its relatively early introduction of plug-in hybrids in the premium market - but will quickly lose its advantage if it doesn’t get its hybrid or electric XC40 on sale ahead of the competition.