Volvo was the first of many car makers in recent months to make bold claims on electrification – every Volvo model launched from 2019 will be electrified. So what does that mean for the XC40? 

In pictures: the cars that made Volvo

With Jaguar silent on the prospect of a E-Pace hybrid and BMW adamant it won't bring its X1 plug-in hybrid for China to the UK, Volvo looked to be ahead of those two rivals – and most others – having confirmed an XC40 hybrid some time ago. Even better, there is also a fully electric version on the cards.

Volvo is known for leading the way with technological advancement – whether that’s its safety systems or its relatively early introduction of plug-in hybrids in the premium market - but will quickly lose its advantage if it doesn’t get its hybrid or electric XC40 on sale ahead of the competition. 

Volvo XC40 revealed 

The standard XC40 doesn’t go on sale until next year, so don’t expect the hybrid to arrive before 2019. By then, an E-Pace and Range Rover Evoque hybrid (the latter of which was spotted testing this week), 
at the very least, will be hot on its heels.

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