Jaguar’s entry into Formula E is arguably the biggest thing to happen to the championship yet as the series enters its third season.

Riding the crest of international success in the road car market, Jaguar's entry into Formula E as it readies its electric vehicle range has kicked off what looks to be an avalanche of large manufacturers ready to enter Formula E.

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It’s very likely that this original equipment manufacturer (OEM) influx into Formula E will also usher in a new fanbase, as brand fans from across the world tune in (me included) as the all-electric race series comes into its own.

Jaguar’s Mitch Evans and Adam Carroll rose up the order throughout the race through the first half behind the dominance of NextEV driver Nelson Piquet Jr. Ahead of the car changes. the two Jaguar drivers looked almost certain to climb into a podium position.

Eking out every last percentage of power, Carroll and Evans took it down to their last two percent of power before swapping, but Evans never re-emerged, with his second car suffering from an electrical issue. Meanwhile, Carroll had climbed two places over the course of the race to finish twelfth.

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Jaguar may not have entered the series in the blaze of glory and ferocious prowess that fans may have been hoping for, but its presence in Formula E certainly did not go unnoticed. This early on, Jaguar could have done far worse than it did (although Mitch Evans may disagree).

It’s quite fair to argue that Formula E is the most relevant series in motorsport today. Feel free to disagree; comment below to tell me why I’m wrong.

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The most notable factor of this is the leaderboard, which as well as displaying race positions, shows the battery percentage of each car. It doesn’t need repeating that battery range is the most discussed topic in the story of the electric vehicle, but if Formula E doesn’t accelerate EVs’ range at this crucial stage of their development, little else will.

Many may argue that it doesn’t need the development kick which others are looking for with their Formula E efforts, but Tesla, uninvolved in a race series full of its upcoming rivals as well as what will soon be the rest of the premium segment, is conspicuous in its absence.