Car review

Tesla Model 3

The most affordable Tesla yet is tempting on the face of it, so should you yield or resist?

From £40,9908
13 September 2019
Car review

Tesla Model X

Tesla's X takes aim at the seven-seat SUV market with extreme performance - and a price to match

From £72,7008
15 February 2017
Car review

Tesla Model S P90D 2015-2016

Premium electric saloon gets ramped up beyond ‘insane’ levels of performance for yet more effect, and is no less revolutionary as a result

From £91,8009
26 April 2016
Car review

Tesla Model S

In theory, this all-electric luxury car looks a hit. So is it in practice?

From £58,6009
25 September 2013
Car review

Tesla Roadster 2008-2012

Is the Tesla Roadster a short-lived novelty or the future of performance motoring?

From £87,9458
2 April 2012