There's an interesting topic of debate around profits versus sales volumes emerging at the 2016 Geneva motor show - and intriguingly it's coming from the opposite sources from those you might expect.

Predominantly, the volume boasts are coming from the premium makers, who appear to remain hellbent on selling more cars than each other come what may.

To get an idea of just how determined they are, I'd recommend a quick scout around some of the leasing sites, or a look at What Car?'s Target Price information, which states the most you should pay for a car after discounts. The main protagonists appear to be Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes - and there seem to be some crazy deals out there, and not just on outliers in the range or soon-to-be-discontinued stock.

However, contrasting messages are coming from the mainstream, and wannabe premium brands that have previously played the volume game too hard.

Take PSA Peugeot-Citroen, for instance. It grew sales marginally in 2015, but drove through efficiency gains internally and a policy of lower discounts externally. Its operating margin of 5% may be half that of Mercedes, but it eclipses VW by almost half again. From near bankruptcy, it is now the envy of all its competitors in Europe.