Subaru rally car
Motor shows

How the Cotswolds gave a fleeting but brilliant return to forest rallying

South England’s first special-stage club rally since March goes down a storm

13 November 2020
MAT will build 25 copies of its New Stratos, each cannibalising an F430
Motor shows

Could new rules lead to Stratos returning to WRC?

2022 regulations allow road car bodies to sit on a standard chassis - which may be good news for old favourites

26 June 2020
Ian Gwynne - hero front
Ian Gywnne piloted Colin McRae’s 1992 Subaru Legacy RS
Motor shows

Remembering the youthful fire of Colin McRae

All-or-nothing style drove a spectacular rally career, recently celebrated by friends, colleagues and fans

20 March 2020
McLaren 765LT reveal - presentation
Geneva motor show

McLaren's Woking motor show was a big hit

A rearranged reveal swapped Switzerland for Surrey, and rewarded the engineers behind the new 765LT

3 March 2020
Geneva motor show
Geneva motor show

Opinion: Canning the Geneva motor show was the right (and only) decision

New metal is all very well, but our priority must be protecting the world's health

28 February 2020
Volkswagen Golf GTI 2020 - stationary front
Geneva motor show

Why the new Golf GTI isn't the car of the future

By trying to even up the GTI and GTE, Volkswagen is aiming to win over hot hatch fans of today and tomorrow

26 February 2020
Audi RS Q8 wheels
LA motor show

Why we've reached peak wheel size - for now

The Audi RS Q8 debuts with 23in rims, but don't expect bigger alloys any time soon

20 November 2019
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Audi E-tron Sportback prototype matrix headlights - lead
LA motor show

Audi's new headlights are good enough to play a movie

Innovative digital matrix lighting on E-tron Sportback may do an uncanny impression of a cinema projector, but it gets truly clever on the motorway

20 November 2019
Mitsubishi Mi-Tech concept
Tokyo motor show

Why Mitsubishi won't make a new Evo

Gas-turbine technology and a firm focus on electrified SUVs mean a new performance saloon is unlikely to happen

24 October 2019
Suzuki Waku SPO
Tokyo motor show

Are shape-changing cars the future?

Suzuki’s Waku concept gives us an intriguing glimpse into what might be

23 October 2019
Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon - front
Tokyo motor show

Why Europe should follow Japan's lead to stop the death of the city car

They may be rapidly falling out of fashion in the West, but Japan's appetite for kei cars remains as strong as ever

23 October 2019
Mazda MX-30 at Tokyo motor show - front
Tokyo motor show

Mazda’s approach to EVs is refreshing

Japanese firm's new MX-30 won't follow in the footsteps of so many electric cars on sale today

23 October 2019



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