The confirmation of the long-awaited Maserati Alfieri electrified supercar is the sort of model that manufacturers usually save for a major motor show, a dynamic online video or a bold, bespoke launch event. You know, the sort of event that involves lots of loud music, dramatic lighting and unhealthy amounts of dry ice.

Instead, the confirmation that the Alfieri will arrive by 2020 – and with a full EV version – came in the middle of a powerpoint slideshow during a presentation for financial analysts. 

Alfa Romeo brings back 8C and GTV and adds two more SUVs

That study in contrasts encapsulates the surreal nature of the FCA Group’s Capital Markets Day, held at Alfa Romeo’s Bolocco Proving Ground not far from Milan. It was certainly one of the more unusual, yet fascinating, events I’ve covered as an automotive journalist.

The event was held for the bosses of the group’s various brands and divisions to present the latest five-year plan to investors and financial analysts. The previous version, as an aside, was held in 2014 – so yes, this five-year plan came four years after the last.

The investors and analysts gathered inside a building in the centre of Bolocco to hear from FCA’s management. It all looked very nice, with Alfa Romeo F1 cars and a whole line-up of Jeep products parked outside.