Currently reading: Alfa Romeo brings back 8C and GTV, and adds two more SUVs
The Italian maker’s five-year plan has been announced and plays heavily on its heritage
Rachel Burgess
3 mins read
1 June 2018

Alfa Romeo will reintroduce two iconic models, the 8C and GTV, by 2022 as part of a bold five-year strategy announced today.

It will also launch a new mid-sized SUV and a large SUV that sit, respectively, below and above the Stelvio, which has brought huge success to Alfa Romeo since launching last year.

The Italian brand also confirmed long-wheelbase versions of the Giulia and Stelvio. LWB variants are a growing trend, thanks largely to demand in China, where chauffeur-driven cars are popular. 

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The strategy should mean 400,000 sales for Alfa Romeo by 2022, said brand boss Timothy Kuniskis. This year's sales are projected at 170,000 units.

The new additions coming by 2022 will almost double Alfa Romeo's line-up, bringing the range to nine models. Currently, it consists of the Giulia, Giulietta, Stelvio, 4C Spider and Mito. The Mito had been highly tipped to be axed, and although there was no mention of it in today's announcement, a product plan slide suggested that the model will be phased out by 2022.

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The new 8C will be a twin-turbo mid-engined sports car with an electrified front axle delivering at least 700bhp with a 0-62mph time of less than three seconds.

The last time we saw the 8C nameplate was during 2007-2010 with the 8C Competizione, which was a front-engined model that used a 4.7-litre Ferrari-derived V8 and achieved the benchmark sprint in 4.2sec.

Meanwhile, the GTV — essentially a coupé version of the well-received Giulia — will have more than 600bhp with E-Boost technology, all-wheel drive torque vectoring, 50/50 weight distribution and room for four occupants. The last GTV went off sale in 2005.


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Talking about its plans to relaunch the 8C and GTV sports cars, Kuniskis said: "Alfa will deliver the sports car of each segment it enters. We know our future depends on staying true to our sports car roots; cars designed to represent the brand’s position and inspire the next generation of customers. 

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“The 8C is a true supercar with a mid-engined, carbonfibre monocoque chassis and electrified AWD system. It’s a car that will be born for the track here at Bolocco.

“We also want a sports car as attainable as it is aspirational, so we’re bringing back one of the most fabled names in Alfa history, the GTV. The Quadrofoglio model will deliver more than 600hp."

On the two new SUVS, Kuniskis said: "The timing of our expansion plans couldn’t be more optimum. The premium market is growing and there are considerable opportunities int hat segment.

“There are two key segments: compact UV [utility vehicle] and full-sized UV. These segments represent 81% of global premium market growth. We will ensure each new product embraces our brand principles.“What we’ve learned in last four years is that when we stay true to Alfa DNA, we can stand out in any segment, as we did with Stelvio.”

He added that, by 2022, Alfa Romeo will compete in more than 70% of the premium industry: “We will launch the sports cars of every segment.”

As with all FCA brands, Alfa is phasing out diesel engines from its range, and is launching a range of mild hybrids, hybrids and plug-in hybrids. It aims to offer an electrified version of every model in its range by 2022, including six PHEVs. Alfa’s PHEV system will allow cars to complete around 31 miles on pure electric power, and offer 0-62mph times in the mid-4sec area. 

All of its models will also offer level two or three autonomous driver assistance systems.

Talking of the brand's struggles, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said: "We got two things wrong - we underestimated the industrial complexity of launching a brand as complex as Alfa. This caused delays in launch, additional cost, and slowed down the development portfolio. We also underestimated the reaction of Germans to the reintroduction of Alfa." 

"Would I do it again? Not in the same way, but certainly would do it again."

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1 June 2018

 Maybe it’s because I driven some fast Cars that the current and coming crop of hyper fast cars just bore me, on a Highway it’s 70mph, 60mph on A’ Roads, 200,300mph.?.....that’s a long Runway job.

1 June 2018

As per usual with Alfa, all that FCA provides is pictures and a mid term date. We've heard this before. If we were to believe them, they should be selling 500k per year by now.


1 June 2018

So yesterday Autocar were analysing JLR's poor performance, stating that everyone and their dog - including Alfa - now offer SUVs. A better benchmark may be MB, who had the sense to go down the chain to A class to chase volume. Alfa need a good smaller car too; Jag should derive an A3 competitor from the XE...

1 June 2018

Come in a convertible version to bring back the Alfa Spider?

1 June 2018

What does MCA mean?

1 June 2018

As @tuga said we'll believe it when it actually happens.  The GTV/8C strategy seems all wrong, surely they will cannibalise each others' sales as the spec isn't a million miles away.  Alfa would do better with a sports car and convertible to compete with the pace of, say. a Golf R/Audi S3 with a price of £30k - £40k.  Current proposals sound like they'll be £60k, £70k+.

1 June 2018

Forgot to mention - the GTV is not even a "GTV", it's thje Giulia Coupe.  I don't think this is the right way to go.

1 June 2018

600 bhp => boring.

They should make a GTV with the singing Busso V6 !


1 June 2018
This plan looks more credible than the last 5year plan which claimed there would be 8 cars in the Alfa line up by now. I'm the 60s and 70s the GTV was a coupe version of the Giulia so I don't have a problem with that, and the sketch shown has potential - presumably there will be cheaper 2litre versions too. The way this has been reported in the media it sounds as if they will all be QV versions. Spinning off smaller and larger SUV was surely inevitable and possible. The 8C will sell in limited numbers and be a great halo car. The other point all the coverage has missed is that the Giulietta will still be in the line up in 2022 and MCA seems to mean refresh/face-lift. I sincerely hope it is a full reskin inside and out, with the addition of mild hybrid engines and improved infotainment - anything less would be an embarrasment. Glad the Mito is being put out of its misery. Let's hope the next CEO sees this plan through as I want another GTV!

2 June 2018
Great to see AR making a comeback. A new affordable spider to go up against the MX5 with decent power and reliability would be the best step for them rather than expensive road cars with top ends unachievable on our camera plagued roads


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