24 August 2010

Which of the various mega-horsepower supercars is the fastest of all? We pit the Mercedes SLS against the Lexus LFA and the Nissan GT-R against the Porsche 911 Turbo S to see which car can claim that title. But to claim the crown, the winners of the two head-to-heads will also have to beat a special challenger from Britain... Jamie Corstorphine is your referee.

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Jessi 9 January 2018

Mega-horsepower supercars.

Keep on blogging! Its getting through the tough times that make you stronger and then the good times will follow, keep writing about your experiences and we should all pull together.


maropl 2 February 2013

The ride is firm but well

The ride is firm but well controlled, too, and the handling composed, even if the vRS doesn’t offer the lightning steering reactions of a Cup. Still, it’s cheaper than the Renault and Skoda is offering an estate version as well as a hatch. You might not love the new vRS, then, but it’s impossible to hate. Smile