8 October 2013

October 2013 marks 30 years since irrepressible British businessman Richard Noble took back the world land speed record "for Britain", driving his jet-powered Thrust 2 on Nevada's Black Rock Desert at 633mph.

Since then, he has masterminded Andy Green's supersonic record with Thrust SSC and now he and Green want to beat 1000mph in a new jet and rocket-powered car called Bloodhound in South Africa in 2015. Here, he talks about his achievements and explains how and why he's still going for new land speed records to this day. 

Read Steve Cropley's interview with Richard Noble

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Peter Cavellini 11 October 2013

Real Heroes.........?

Oh yes,to voluntarily strap yourself into a vehicle like this takes a lot of guts, i hope they take the 1000mph record too!

david RS 8 October 2013

Interesting. Nice pictures

Nice pictures too.