6 March 2013

The Geneva motor show 2013 revealed one of the most astonishing collections of supercars for many years. Matt Prior takes a look at the highlights of the first big European show of 2013. Featuring:

McLaren P1

Lamborghini Veneno

Honda Civic Wagon concept

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Porsche 911 GT3

Mercedes A45 AMG

BMW 3-series GT

Alfa Romeo 4C

Bertone Jet 2+2

Toyota FT 86 Open concept



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Law007 14 March 2013

P1, Mummble something Ferrari, 918, Veneno

I am a huge McLaren fan but dispite Ron Dennis saying he believes the P1 is the better car where is counts surely he must be finding it hard to explain how a bigger car with a 6.3 litre engine weighs 100kg less than his and cannot be that thrilled its nearly 50bhp down as well. The 918 just looks silly now its power to BHP is miles off the other 2 its just heavy full stop and they may say it can do things the other cannot but the P1 can drive at 100mph on just electric power and will still be 10 secs quicker to 170mph and that really matters to a hypercar buyer. Dont get me started on the Lambo it looks like a clown car and for all its big wings and winglets has less down force than the P1 which just shows how much thought and enginering tallent they put into it, and after claiming they want it to be the fastest car on the track how can it be with only 740bhp and less downforce and probably being heavier you cant beat the law of physics. The real problem Porsche and Lambo have is that they are both part of the VW empire and the top of that tree is Bugatti and there is no way in hell they will be allowed to build cars that get close to the Veyron on performance so with Lambo they will be allowed to build the odd one or two "specials" that offer nothing new really and only a small amount of extra performance and poor old Porsche will start to fill a gap in the middle that nobody really buys anymore. Its either around 200k and over or near a million the £650k Porsche is charging is in neither bracket and I have a feeling they will struggle to see them all.

VirginPower 11 March 2013

Plug-In Ugly Ferraris

Ferrari is no longer capable of designing a pretty, let alone beautiful, car. Kia, Ford, Aston Martin or Lamborghini are better options if you want mobile artwork.

McLaren never create anything of beauty, except the engineering, and, after all, unless you're going to pootle up the racetrack with these ridiculously expensive toys, there is no point to them except to hang them on the wall or excite the vuglarians of London, Southend and Dubai.

Therefore, Caterham, Lotus and maybe Porsche are the last exemplars of true sports car creators; as they create enjoyable performance that is relevant, partly understanding, in track-orientated models, that overdriving is not in any way relevant on the road.

rogerhudson 8 March 2013

GPS in the Wraith

Is you buy a Wraith don't expect it to read much about the road ahead in the Balkans, my GPS thinks Bosnia has only about 3 roads yet it has some of the most interesting mountain roads in Europe, they are resurfacing everywhere with new (EU funded) asphalt and would be Caterham 7 heaven.