4 June 2013

Built for a wealthy enthusiast and driven by Sutcliffe, the Aston Martin Rapide-based Bertone Jet 2+2 Shooting Brake is a strict one-off. But don't think its a hacked-about trailer queen - this perfectly-formed machine is so complete, Aston are considering a small production run.

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RCT V 18 July 2013

Aston Martin, do it  . . . 

Aston Martin, do it  . . .  just DO IT . . .  please, put it into series production. And, not just for the increased rear space/headroom  Smile

If necessary, production could even be sub-contracted to Bertone!

BARRY 9 June 2013

Aston Martin JET 2+2

Yes Aston and Bertone will proberly build a shooting-break . However it will look nothing like the JET 2+2. This is because of clauses in the build contract which states the JET 2+2 will remain a one off unique car.  Not a prototype nor a concept but a full production car with a build of one! There is also a clause that both Customer and Bertone must agree what parts of the JET 2+2 design detail will be allowed to be used.

I should know I am the customer

Barry Weir

beechie 5 June 2013

Same old trouble

Still having trouble steering cars accurately eh, Steve?

Despite your trepidation-induced low speed, you still seem to keep crossing over the centre line all the time.