13 July 2012

The 720bhp Pagani Huayra is arguably the most exclusive, best looking, best driving supercar there has ever been, Veyron included. Here, Steve Sutcliffe shows us why

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13 July 2012

The front nose just doesn't look quite right in the pics, which annoys me just because otherwise its pretty much a fantastic looking car. It'll be interesting to see if Pagani make a slightly smaller less GT focused car as well as this, as the Huayra seems a different beast to the Zonda.

2 July 2013

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13 July 2012

Sutters you are a total legend and THE wheelman. Thanks for an excellent vid

13 July 2012

The side mirrors looks like a leaf. Beautiful. Perfect finish if it is in light green.  


15 July 2012

The front of the car is ugly, and not a grower. the engine is turbocharged to the hilt - all you seem to hear is a whhisstle! Granted the interior is uniquely exquisite , but doesn't justify the price asked IMO...

15 July 2012

"but doesn't justify the price asked IMO..."

They won't need to justify the price, none of them will be waiting in a showroom waiting for a customer. 


I'm a disillusioned former Citroëniste.


15 July 2012

Pagani understands buyers, rather than dreamers, which is why it is successful.

15 July 2012

Yes,because the interior is so shiny!, there carbon fibre trim all over the place inside, otherwise it's a fantastic looking car, worth a million Euros?......well, no,but that's not the point, the point is how innovative it is(witness the active aero), it's light (a whole Caterham apparently), you could argue that it IS a supercar like Lamborghini's,Koenigsigg's,are, the rest?....well,supersaloons are catching them,supercars have got to look special, and this one does,i just wish i could prenounce it!

Peter Cavellini.

16 July 2012

..but there are a couple of things that would make me think again.

As much as I love the Group C era of racing but I much prefer the n/a V12 music of the Zonda rather than have Le Mans style woofly whistle, amusing as it may be for an afternoon.

As others have said, the front end isn't great. It's a bit bluff and non-descript.

Lastly, and this one surprises me considering Zonda's reputation for fine details, is that AWFUL key. A ridiculous, cheap-looking bit of tat. I'd be embarrassed to use it!

However, I don't possess EUR 1M so this purely academic. I wouldn't say no, though.

20 July 2012

this car is gonna make a very strong opponent for ferrari's recently announced F12 Berlinetta.Why? They both have 730hp,both look good and and make great noise.Pagani's Huarya has a normal version which has 730hp.what will happen when pagani and ferrari make a sport version?800 or more hp? i do not know.alli know is that they are both strong competitors


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