9 May 2012

The BMW 3-series is one of the most successful models of recent times. Here, the all-new BMW 320d meets the original 3-series - the '70s E21 model that was the first car to wear the badge.

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18 May 2012

The E21 was certainly an iconic model, but I don't ever remember it being "three door only". Unless you count the boot as a door?  

I'm a bit surprised that you didn't mention the model's rather exciting lift-off oversteer which I think was responsible for the 323i recording the highest percentage of single car loss of control accidents at the time.

Otherwise I think this baby BMW was close to 1970s motoring perfection.


18 May 2012

definitely never a 3 door LOL

This is the problem with kids reporting on cars built before they were born!

15 January 2013

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2 February 2013

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21 May 2012

she states petrol prices were not a concern in the 70"s i was only 6 at the time but thought there was a fuel shortage in the early 70"s and  dont think petrol was cheap, also why is the new BMW a random car,its a car made for the masses, not a one off concept or high value Ferrari


21 May 2012

@tomoleeds - "she states petrol prices were not a concern in the 70"s i was only 6 at the time but thought there was a fuel shortage in the early 70"s and dont think petrol was cheap"


..true...petrol rationing books where even issued, but in the end not used.

All big engined cars crashed in value and new cars with big engines were unsaleable...we had MGB V8's, GT6's E -type V12's etc sitting in the compound new with thistles growing up into the engine compartment. many new cars had been in stock over a year!

All the Chairmen of the big plc's had put their Rolls Royces into storage and bought 1275 GT's from us all decked out in leather seats, mega stereos, sunroofs, electric windows, spot-lights and alloy wheels.


In the event the problem only lasted 12-18 months, but it changed buying habits for longer, and yes the cost of petrol was more acute than ever before!

13 April 2013

This is partly because the average person is a good 2-4 inches fatter than 20 years ago, and secondly it's because we're just richer and can afford more car around us - in every category of car.But don't let my comments be seen as a criticism - this is a GREAT and very valuable series of videos.

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13 October 2012
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6 July 2013

I couldn't agree more, it defintely is a car made for the masses but that does not mean that it's a bad car. I had a Ferrari once and never again, the only thing that is valuable with that car is the name itself, everything else is crap.

Have a nice day


16 October 2012

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