6 October 2010
90-second verdict

The BMW M3 GTS is the most extreme factory backed iteration of a road going BMW M3 yet The final act for the current M3 prior to the arrival of an entirely new model in early 2012, it is essentially a track car that just happens to be road legal here in the UK, thus the licence plates front and rear. Steve Sutcliffe puts it to the test.

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maropl 2 February 2013

BMW has always been the

BMW has always been the better driving car out of all German cars. They just dont do over the top pimping and attention seeking. Smile I saw this M3 GTS on M6 today near Birmingham Spaghetti Junction today. You'll give it more respect when you see it in flesh. The sound was raw BMW rasper and IT DISAPPEARED WITHIN A FLASH. Smile