The Sport 250’s interior – what there is of one – is exactly as you’d expect.

Apart, perhaps, from the leather-trimmed dashboard, which is new for Westfield and introduces a push-button starter and a digital instrument display (a £495 extra) alongside the usual elementary controls for functions such as the headlights.

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Matt Saunders

Road test editor
There’s a fraction more space in the Westfield than in most Caterham models, although it’s still a bit of a squeeze if you’re taller than six foot

The windscreen has also been redesigned and is now taller, increasing wind protection and visibility, says the company, not that visibility was ever really found wanting in any of its earlier models.

This is not, and nor should it be, a comfortable place in which to while away mile after mile, and the trim is noticeably less lavish than what you might find in a Caterham Seven, itself no cruiser.

Indeed, this is resolutely kit-car territory, with a constant cacophony of rattles and squeaks, not least from the harness mountings just behind your head.

The fabric roof, although refreshingly easy to put up, affords occupants very little in the way of refinement, and while it keeps out rain, it does almost nothing to abate wind buffeting, particularly at speed.

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What you do get is a nicely low-slung, secure driving position from which the bonnet’s power dome looms large. There’s also a decently wide pedal box, which isn’t to be taken for granted with Lotus Seven-style cars.

Taller drivers are a touch compromised, however, purely by the modest length of the chassis, although the Sport 250 never becomes uncomfortable to drive.

Meanwhile, the optional Turbo Sport seats (£350) of our test car seem a worthwhile upgrade given the performance on offer – even if you can detect the glassfibre panel behind them flexing – and the same goes for the four-point harnesses (a £218 option). 

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