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When compared to a BMW 330d, this is an S60 too far

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Volvo S60
The Volvo S60 is offered with an impressive new D4 diesel engine

An all-new diesel engine aims to give the S60 saloon class-leading stats

21 August 2010

What is it?

This is about as far as Volvo thinks it can push its latest compact executive car, the S60. A model that starts at a whisker over £23k ends up here with the T6 AWD Geartronic Premium, at almost £36k (or £37k if you go the whole hog and have this tech spec in Luxury trim). It’s safe to assume that this will not be the volume seller in the range.

For this kind of money you get the uprated version of the firm’s turbocharged straight-six petrol engine, capable of producing 300bhp and 324lb ft. This is transferred to the road via a six-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

What’s it like?

In theory, that means this is the ‘hot’ S60. In practice, however, it’s a swift, soothing saloon that likes a drop of unleaded (28.5mpg claimed, 24mpg in real-world driving) – and nothing more than that.

The S60’s key strengths – its fine cabin, comfortable seats and compliant ride – remain. And the six-pot lump has decent low-down torque and is happy to fade into the background at motorway speeds.

Just don’t see the ‘T6’ badge on the bootlid and assume that this car is in any way an S60 R, because the overall focus of this Volvo is still on comfort.

The S60’s steering is accurate and nicely weighted once you’re away from the straight ahead, but there’s next to no feel.

Should I buy it?

The S60 remains an impressive package, and certainly Volvo’s best car for years. But this flagship petrol version’s problem is that it doesn’t offer scintillating performance or a lot of metal for the money.

When you consider that a BMW 330d oil-burner is a grand cheaper – and that it’ll be less expensive to run – you may well conclude that this is, in fact, an S60 too far. I have.

Volvo S60 3.0 T6 AWD SE Geartronic Premium

Price: £35,695; Top speed: 155mph; 0-62mph: 6.2sec; Economy: 28.5mpg (combined); CO2: 231g/km; Engine: 6 cyls in line, 2953cc, turbocharged petrol; Power: 300bhp; Torque: 324lb ft; Gearbox: 6-spd automatic


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25 August 2010

A bit of topic and probably a stupid question, but does anyone know what that square bit of plastic is on the front grille, above the 'A' on the number plate?

25 August 2010

My guess would be for the adaptive cruise control; seen them on the RR Sports. Plus it could be a sensor for that new crash preventor system they were banging on about (well not literally banging), but doubt fact the more i write the more i am sure it is for the adaptive cruise control.

25 August 2010

Ford charge £31k for a 160bhp galaxy. so £36k for a 300bhp 4wd volvo s60 T6 is fair enough.

26 August 2010

[quote beachland2]Ford charge £31k for a 160bhp galaxy. so £36k for a 300bhp 4wd volvo s60 T6 is fair enough.[/quote]

£31k for a Galaxy?! That's mental!

If you look at it the way you've put it, yes it could be seen as fair enough, but the problem is the desirability of it's German rivals to buyers means I don't think it can command this sort of price point. It's much the same with the top of the range Saab's - around 300bhp, comfy car, not razor sharp to drive, is pretty expensive as a new buy and the value drops like a stone.

I commend Volvo for trying to make it's car more appealing to a wider spread of potential customers. However, something just nags away at me that Volvo's are still a niche marque and need to have a different approach. The C30 for example was an innovative take on the old 480 Coupe and as such it's been pretty popular, particularly with the R Design kit. If that has proved a success then if Volvo want the same success with the S60, then should they be having a different approach? Jaguar have managed it so surely Volvo could too?

26 August 2010

I think its admirable that Volvo still make the effort with these top end, big cc saloons given how few people actually buy them. The S80 V8 is another example. OK so they are pricey and have a thirst but for those wanting something a little bit different - subtle, refined, swift - they are a great choice. Hats off to Volvo!

26 August 2010

"Ford charge £31k for a 160bhp galaxy. so £36k for a 300bhp 4wd volvo s60 T6 is fair enough."

Another way to look at this is BMW charge £31,775 for a BMW330D saloon, which leaves £4k for some desireable options and it becomes a vastly more superior car. It is quicker, more dynamic, will retain value much better and is far cheaper to run. Any S60 T6 (new, not used) buyer either completely hates the German cars, needs 4WD (in which case, they should look at the Audi Models) or knows absolutely nothing about cars or value. There, I said it!!

Infact,a better buy would be a GOLF R with DSG and a few other options for £36K. It's practical enough, 4WD, faster, cheaper to run, comfortable, more fun, subtle looking enough so a Volvo buyer doesn't look like tool, etc etc etc. There are so many options apart from this overprised pretender at this price. It's quite silly!!

26 August 2010

[quote CAT3]Any S60 T6 (new, not used) buyer either completely hates the German cars, needs 4WD (in which case, they should look at the Audi Models) or knows absolutely nothing about cars or value. There, I said it!![/quote]

Couldn't have put it better myself. I would also like to add people who want to ban diesels either haven't tried the latest offerings from BMW or need their heads tested.


26 August 2010

[quote beachland2]

Ford charge £31k for a 160bhp galaxy. so £36k for a 300bhp 4wd volvo s60 T6 is fair enough.[/quote]

Well, in theory Ford charge that much, but nobody pays it ! Pre-facelift cars could easily be had at 25-30% discount through a broker, post-facelift discounts will gradually head the same way.

And yet.......a 3 year old top spec Galaxy will be worth more than a 3 year old T6 S60.

26 August 2010

Yeah I like diesels but I prefer petrols. What about the BMW 335i (or 325i for that matter)? Or a Merc C350. They would appear to be better value, and better performers all round. I like the Volvo but this is a £28k car to me. Probably will be £28k after discounts, maybe thats the point.

26 August 2010

These discussions about what you would buy based on list price on the forum are a waste of time. No-one in the real world has paid £31K for a Galaxy and, if you can find someone who has, I'll eat my Emerson Fittipaldi JPS commemorative baseball cap. Promise. Even glance towards a top spec Galaxy in a Ford showroom and the price tumbles by thousands faster than Emile Heskey in a World Cup fixture, whereas getting more than 5% off a 330D could be a tricky proposition. The Volvo probably sits somewhere in the middle but I'll bet you could get on for not far north of £30K with a bit of effort.


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