We all know someone like the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross. Someone who just goes quietly about their business, doing their best to attract very little in the way of attention while rubbing along easily with everybody.

Remarkable in no way at all, until one day you notice they’re extraordinarily skilled at something.

The Suzuki's price tag, among other things, should earn it a spot on buyer's wish lists

That’s what life with the S-Cross is like. Simple. Unremarkable. And then you go to fill its tank, fail to understand why you can fit no more fuel in it, and then realise it has averaged more than 65mpg over a lengthy motorway jaunt.

Is that enough to push a car that’s otherwise just quietly capable into the class lead? No, not when there are vehicles as attractive and distinctive as the Kia Sportage around.

But given the strength of the competition, which also includes the likes of Skoda's Yeti, being rated so highly is quite some achievement.

Like most Suzukis, the S-Cross warrants more attention than most buyers in this segment will show it.


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