From £23,730
For £900 more than the Cup you get plenty of extras. Worth consideration if you can live with the colour and decals.

What's new? It’s a special-edition Mégane to celebrate Renault’s wins in the Formula One drivers’ and constructors’ championships. It has new ‘Ultra Blue’ paintwork, decals, black alloys and £1450-worth of extras over the Mégane Cup for a £900 premium. Each F1 also gets a numbered plaque, but perhaps mindful of the Clio Williams – which was followed by the Williams 2 and, er, 3 editions (to the chagrin of owners of the supposedly rare first edition) there is no upper production limit.What’s it like? The turbocharged four-pot engine is willing and has a super response, while the chassis, which is a bit fidgety around town, is fabulous on back roads. The car feels secure and planted, with good steering feedback and a positive gearbox. It’s raucous, engaging and exciting. It’s even a bit more luxurious than standard, with climate control, superb Recaro front seats and a stereo upgrade.Should I buy one? Should make any hot hatch shortlist – if you can live with the colour and decals, that is. Otherwise, the regular Cup is still a good bet. 

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