While it clearly had the potential to appeal to a wider audience than most electric cars, the Peugeot e-2008 feels a bit held back by the one-size-fits-all EV strategy adopted by the PSA Group.

If there had been greater modularity about Peugeot’s new battery-electric-car toolkit and it could have lavished just 10% or 20% more power and range on this car, it would have given the product planners at Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen and elsewhere a great deal of pause for thought. As it is, an average real-world range of just under 150 miles and performance that barely escapes the ordinary makes the e-2008 just a little too easy to dismiss.

There’s a bit too much Gallic quirkiness about the e-2008 for my liking. The showy but unintuitive infotainment system, the funny instruments and the contrived driving position would all end up irritating, I suspect. But there’s a decent car underneath it all.

The rest of the package certainly deserved better, because this car is practical, comfortable and dynamically decent enough to be worth considering. It’s handsome with it, too, and has a pleasant, inviting cabin that’s certainly spacious enough for everyday use by the average family.

To those who are already confident with a sub-200-mile range, the e-2008 should appeal strongly – but it’s unlikely to have sufficient usability to set the EV segment alight.

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