Hyundai deserves credit for seeing its asymmetric gamble through to production.

The Veloster will not appeal to everyone, nor is it especially effective, but the unconventional format might just prove distinctive enough to appeal to buyers weary of the stock options and of course those after a budget coupé.

It might not be the most exciting option but it's good value for money and will prove easy to live with

Hyundai might have found itself garnering more customers if the car beyond the offbeat packaging was equally as striking, but the Veloster can’t quite fuse its disparate notions of faddish style and enhanced function into a sufficiently alluring whole.

Nevertheless, the Veloster is buoyed by commendable build quality, decent comfort, generous standard kit, respectable economy and sterling value.

That makes it a credible ambassador for Hyundai's established strengths, but probably not the sales firebrand a genuine coupé might have been.