When Ford’s first right-hand-drive Ford Mustang hit the UK almost three years ago, we recommended it keenly as a fine alternative to the sports car mainstream, dripping with American cool and big on old-school bang for your buck. The Mustang Bullitt is a better driver’s car than that 2016 Mustang GT was in plenty of ways.

It’s also a more expensive car, though, and now finds itself in among a posse of seriously impressive £50,000 sports cars, which is why we can’t rate this car any more highly in terms of road test stars than we rated its predecessor.

In objective terms, you might look at this Mustang’s real-world performance level and wonder what all the fuss is about. An Audi TT RS is a much faster and more eye-widening hot rod driver’s car and a BMW M2 Competition is probably quicker and better-handling.

But look instead at the experience, the car’s vivacity and all of its intangible qualities, and there is very little chance that you’ll fail to ‘get’ it. The Bullitt has all the usual Mustang star quality and more.