Trim and equipment upgrades make the Mondeo a viable company car option, but it's starting to look dated inside

What is it?

One of two new additions to the Ford Mondeo range, the other being an enhanced Graphite specification for retail customers. This latest iteration of the business edition combines an impressive array of standard equipment with a very economical range of engines.

Driven here is the 2.0-litre TDCi Duratorque version, which comes in the middle of the range power wise with 138bhp. It beats the other diesel in the range, the 1.6-litre TDCi which has 113bhp, but is bested by the 1.6-litre EcoBoost petrol version with 158bhp. 

This is a car built for company drivers, and rates well on the company car tax scales, costing £833 annually at 20 per cent Benefit in Kind, and £1666 at 40 per cent. By comparison, the older 2.0-litre TDCi Zetec business edition costs £783 at 20 per cent, and £1565 at 40 per cent.

What's it like?

The interior in this ‘most luxurious Ford Mondeo yet’ is as well appointed as you’d expect, with Ford’s excellent touchscreen satellite navigation and infotainment system stealing the show. Other features like part-digital dashboard display, power start button and Windsor leather seats help to give the Ford a well-appointed feel.

In both interior and exterior looks, however, the Mondeo is beginning to show its age. The cabin isn’t a bad place to sit by any means, but it does feel dated in places, especially around the central fascia which is coated in cheap-feeling black plastic. 

The 2.0-litre TDCi engine still feels refined, if sounding a little strained at high revs. While there’s more than enough power on tap to make progress, above 3500rpm the noise from the engine into the cabin becomes intrusive. That’s a shame because otherwise noise dampening at speed is very good. 

A six-speed manual transmission was fitted to our test car, although a six-speed automatic Powershift option is also available at a cost. The manual copes fine with most driving situations, but we did find it to be a little stiff around town. 

Overall though, and most importantly to company car drivers, the Mondeo is a very comfortable, very confident motorway cruiser.

Should I buy one?

Chances are you won’t be buying one, but if your company decides to then you’ll quickly see why it’s been so consistently well ranked in recent years. 

There’s a very good reason why the Ford Mondeo still appears at the top of our list of great family cars. Even if it’s beginning to look dated, the interior bests the dull cabin of the Volkswagen Passat and with that excellent infotainment system it’s much easier to fathom technologically than the Mazda 6. 

Not surprisingly, the super-frugal 1.6-litre TDCi is tipped to be the best seller in the range. Putting out just 112g/km CO2 it far beats the 2.0-litre TDCi at 129g/km and the 1.6-litre EcoBoost with 149g/km. If it was our decision, though,  we’d choose the lower-powered diesel over the 2.0-litre driven here. The reason? It's an overall smoother experience at a lower price. In fact, Ford has already tipped that engine to be the biggest seller in the range.

Ford Mondeo 2.0-litre TDCi Titanium X Business Edition

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Price £23,195; 0-62mph 9.5 seconds; Top speed 134mph; Economy 57.7mpg; Co2 129g/km; Engine 2.0-litre TDCi Duratorque, 1997cc, 4-cylinders ; Power 138bhp at 3750rpm; Torque 236lb/ft at 1750-2750rpm; Gearbox six-speed manual


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5wheels 26 August 2013

how long before

Not sure when the new one arrives but it certainly needs to because this is so dated. I am afraid they will just give us another tweeked version. I was hoping they would give a total clean sheet like when we got the first mondeo. I think it is time to change name and model design. They managed it with the Cortina. I know that it always hurts sales a little but if the job is done right and the price is right - the immediate drop will soon be covered up. This Modeo here is indeed at 17k an absolutel bargin if you want a new workhorse

Oilburner 26 August 2013

Go for the 2.0 diesel

Not so much of an issue for company buyers, but if you're picking one of these for yourself (probably second hand), buy the 2.0 TDCI, it's much more reliable and pulls very well indeed.

Citytiger 26 August 2013

Oilburner wrote: Not so much

Oilburner wrote:

Not so much of an issue for company buyers, but if you're picking one of these for yourself (probably second hand), buy the 2.0 TDCI, it's much more reliable and pulls very well indeed.

or better still the 2.2 TDCI


pajmck 4 September 2013

best engine?

I've driven the 1.6 Diesel Econetic for 94,000 miles and still marvel at the smoothness of the drivetrain - easily the smoothest Ford Diesel I've run (out of 5). Both the gearchange and power delivery are more akin to Honda than Ford's usual lumps. Not sure of its provenance (is it Ford's own or a PSA unit?). Even though mine is the base Edge spec it came with lowered sports suspension (which I did not specify) which improves the driving experience further. Occasionally I long for the extra oomph of the 2.0 but doubt it would be as satisfying to drive overall.

scotty5 26 August 2013

That's clever

Autocar: There's a very good reason why the Mondeo still appears at the top of our list of great family saloons.

There's an even better reason why it should be bottom of the list when it comes to great family saloons....   you can only buy it in hatch or estate form.