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Long-running large family car bows out as SUVs surge in popularity; successor for China only

Production of the Ford Mondeo in Europe has come to an end after 29 years. The final example rolled off the line in Valencia, Spain, this Monday (4 April), images posted to Linkedin by a production engineer confirmed.

Launched as Ford's first “world car”, the Mondeo arrived in 1992 and lasted over four generations. It was historically one of the brand’s core global models but its market share dwindled in the face of the growing popularity of SUVs. In the UK alone, Ford sold more than 86,500 units in 2001 but that figure fell to just 2400 units in 2020.

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A Ford spokesman told Autocar that the main reason for ending Mondeo production comes down to “changing customer preference” and that Ford is “evolving our passenger vehicle range in Europe to meet changing customer needs as we move to an all-electric future”.

A fifth-generation Mondeo has been revealed but will be built in China and sold there exclusively, as demand for saloons in the world's biggest car market remains strong.


With the Mondeo headed for retirement, the brand's UK passenger car line-up comprises just the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus in the non-SUV B-segment and C-segment.

Questions remain over what will happen when the two hatchbacks reach the end of their life cycles in 2023 or 2024. Ford's European line-up will be all-electric by 2030, and it is unlikely to launch new pure-ICE models in the run-up to that deadline.

Prior to that, however, Ford will offer every model in Europe with a plug-in hybrid powertrain option by mid-2026, so the Fiesta and Focus could return as exclusively PHEV offerings before the brand goes all-electric.

In line with its electrification goals, the company has announced that its Valencia factory will build the 2.5-litre Atkinson-cycle hybrid petrol engine used for the Ford Kuga, Galaxy and S-Max from late 2022. The engine is currently built in Chihuaha, Mexico.

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Ford has also pledged €5.2 million (£4.5m) to increase its battery pack assembly capacity in Valencia, supplementing a €24m (£20.7m) investment announced early last year.

It said: "The extra capacity is required to support increased demand for current and future electrified vehicle production."

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FastRenaultFan 26 March 2021
Mondeo Executive saloon lol. It was bmnever that. It was a family car. It should be happy it got this far. The Renault Laguna was axed years ago even do the MK3 was a great car. The Mondeo had gotten too big.
By the way the MK3 Mondeo was rubbish. It was dull, lacked imagination and technolagy. One of the worst cars ever made. The quality inside was atrocious. There was children's toys with better plastics on them. It's amazing that it the Mondeo that is was not axed back then when it really should have been.
Will86 25 March 2021

Yes the rise in SUVs has probably been the main issue for the Mondeo, along with the affordability of so called premium rivals, but I don't think Ford have managed their model positioning well. A mk1 Mondeo estate was 4.63m long whilst a hatch was 4.48m. Compare that to a new focus estate at 4.67m long with the hatch being 4.38m. In short, the Mondeo got too big for many people.

Peter Cavellini 25 March 2021

A sideways thought, did the Ford Focus turn into the rotting Apple in the Mondeo Barrel?

Scootaloo 25 March 2021
Peter Cavellini wrote:

A sideways thought, did the Ford Focus turn into the rotting Apple in the Mondeo Barrel?

What do you mean?

Pietro Cavolonero 6 April 2022

It's Peter Cavellini, even he doesn't what he's f%c*ing on about so Lord help the rest of us

Peter Cavellini 6 April 2022
Scootaloo wrote:

Peter Cavellini wrote:

A sideways thought, did the Ford Focus turn into the rotting Apple in the Mondeo Barrel?

What do you mean?

Ok, did the arrival of the Focus start the decline of the Mondeo as Fords ideal Family Car?, does that help?