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Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The scope for customisation means Citroën DS3 buyers might have to show restraint with options if they want to preserve resale values. But then Minis have faced (and overcome) similar issues.

Indeed, the figures suggest that the DS3’s trendy image will do it no harm when it comes to selling it on; its predicted residuals are a class above other cars that wear the chevron and almost on a par with the Mini, putting Citroën’s offering some way clear of the Alfa Mito.

Choose options carefully as they bump up prices and harm used values

The personalisation programme is more about the look of the car, with external colour choices that can be complemented by a range of funky graphics and the cabin available in a choice of colour schemes, some a little more fashion-led than others.

While there is a decent range of more normal options, all but the 1.2 DSign model come with alloy wheels and air conditioning. A selection of option packs are a cost-effective way of up-speccing your car, even if you don’t want every item that’s included.

All models are reasonably efficient. The DS3 DSport’s free-revving powerplant meant that it rarely had an easy run during its time with us; with this in mind, a test average of 35.8mpg is more than respectable.

The e-HDi 90 diesel records an impressive 91g/km of CO2 in its cleanest guise (otherwise it's 95g/km) and a claimed average of 78.5mpg. Okay, a 0-62mph time of 12.5sec isn’t what the DS3 is supposed to be about, but there aren’t many superminis as stylish as the DS3 that can match those economy and emissions numbers. The more powerful e-HDI 115 also dips under 100g/km with a 99g/km output and combined economy of 74.4mpg.

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The DS3 also marks a break with Citroën tradition by eschewing the big discounts of old. You’ll still be able to strike a deal, more than you would with a Mini, but this is a car that Citroën dealers will, for once, not get into four-figure discounts with.

Due to its limited production run, residuals of the DS3 Racing are strong. As well as this, its shared engine with the DSport means a competitive 44.1mpg.