There aren't many mainstream cars whose ultimate appeal so strongly rests on the inclinations of the person buying it as the C3 Aircross’s. This little Citroën has a big personality, and if you happen to like that personality it’s sure to take the car a long way in your estimations.

It’s not quite a match for the Seat Arona on performance or handling sophistication and, even though it’s turbocharged, its performance even lags behind that of the SkyActiv-engine-equipped Mazda CX-3 in several respects.

Citroen's practical crossover isn’t outstanding to drive, but is likeable nonetheless

However, of greater importance to most owners will be that the car has plenty of visual charm, and also offers levels of practicality and versatility that match the best in class.

When it comes to perceived interior quality and the integration of infotainment technology – areas of increasing significance – the C3 Aircross can be found wanting. And yet it can still be considered a success where so many of its opponents fail. Refinement is passable, and fuel economy competitive, so if sheer driving pleasure isn’t a priority, there’s every reason to give this car the benefit of a test drive.