From £53,4808

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Prices for the i4 start at £51,905 for the entry-level eDrive40 Sport, rising to £53,405 for the eDrive40 M Sport before jumping to £63,850 for the range-topping M50 tested here. With an interesting paint job, some trim- based extras and one or two option packs, the price rises to more than £70,000 – in this case, £76,715.

Like for like, the i4 costs around £10,000 more than the equivalent 4 Series Gran Coupé, though the ICE model will still be far more profitable for BMW than the EV. So the i4 M50 isn’t in bargain territory, but BMW does seem to have dropped it into clear air.

There are some SUV-style EVs that are almost as fast as the M50, look sharp and cost notably less (the Kia EV6 among them), but they offer little of the dynamic engagement or GT-style charm of the BMW. On the other hand, the entry-level Porsche Taycan is a fabulous driver’s car and also seats four, but it’s quite a bit slower than the M50 and costs £73,000 before options. The fact is there’s nothing to touch the M50 in its price range when it comes to all-round appeal. Certainly not, as anyone who has sampled an i4 and its arch-rival Tesla Model 3 Performance back to back will attest, for those who value carefully tuned, quietly satisfying driving dynamics.

In terms of range, in cold conditions our test car averaged 2.3mpkWh, for outright autonomy of 186 miles. That increased to 2.9mpkWh on the motorway, which translates to more than 230 miles between charges.