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We've clocked 17,500 miles in our Astra - but it remains problem-free

With 17,500 miles the clock and the end of our 12-month stint with the Vauxhall Astra approaching, I’d been wondering whether the car would need a service before it had to go.

The handbook says the initial dealer visit is due at 20,000 miles, so I was a little surprised to see a message on the instrument display demanding an oil change some 2500 miles early. Anyway, I booked the Astra in at the Vauxhall dealership in Richmond, and as expected it came through with a clean bill of health.

The dealer also took the opportunity to carry out some updates, including tweaks to the headlight and engine software, while the Astra was up on the ramp.

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While awaiting a phone call to confirm that the car was ready, I received an email from the dealer. It contained a form outlining the outcome of the 35-point visual inspection carried out as part of the service and stated whether any additional work was required through a simple traffic light colour code system. You don’t usually see findings such as these until you return to the dealer, but doing it this way allows you to fully absorb any recommendations made by the technician at your leisure.

There was also the bonus of a short headcam video from a technician, explaining the areas checked and worked on. While it was no Quentin Tarantino production, it relayed the news in an easy-to-understand format – a nice touch.

Once I’d returned the electronic form, the dealer called me back within minutes to find out when I’d like to collect the car. Because our Astra didn’t require any additional work, all that was left was to pay the fixed price of £159 – a pretty reasonable amount, I thought. I left feeling very satisfied with the whole experience.


Price £21,480 Price as tested £23,800 Economy 56.1mpg Faults None Expenses Service £159 Last seen 30.11.16

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metanoid android 26 May 2017

Fuel economy

Jagdavey, that's pretty impressive I'd say. What do you typically get back home?

LP in Brighton, 56.1 mpg seems to be the average either since the last long term report or for the entire long term test. Check out the mpg on previous reports - links provided. Autocar definitely should make it clearer though.

Andrew 61, it is a Vauxhaux, never going to have great residuals plus their reputation will no doubt have taken a hit both by firegate and Vauxhall's response to firegate.

Andrew 61 23 May 2017


Struggle to see the legitimacy of a £ 23K list price when you can now buy a similar car of this age and mileage for about £ 11k. Something in essentially new condition should not devalue by this amount unless the original asking price is silly ? Either that or nearly new cars are amazing value for money...
jagdavey 22 May 2017

Astra 1.0 ecotec

Just come back from a 1240 mile (1970 km) round trip to Venice and back in my Astra 1.0 Ecotec (3 cylinder) with 3 adults & luggage on board & the car returned 48mpg (5.6l/100).
Considering we we're cruising at 80 mph & touching 100 on the autobahns in Germany, I think this is very reasonable for a petrol.
Always used to drive diesels, & this is my first petrol in 25 years.
LP in Brighton 22 May 2017

Not as good as Autocar's 56.1mpg!

Seriously though, I'm sure that Autocar's figure is just the EU Combined figure, which anyone can look up. If the magazine is going to publish a figure, then it ought to be the test fuel consumption. And if the car has completed nearly 18,000 miles with different drivers, routes and weather conditions then the figure recorded should be meaningful. Or are the journalists simply too lazy to fill in a fuel log, calibrate the odometer and actually make a proper measurement?