Currently reading: Skoda eyes Karoq vRS to rival Seat Ateca Cupra
Skoda boss Bernhard Maier says there is “obviously a demand” in a vRS SUV, but the final decision is yet to be made.
James Attwood, digital editor
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18 May 2017

A hot Skoda Karoq vRS performance SUV could be the brand’s next vRS badged model, according to boss Bernhard Maier.

The Karoq is a compact SUV that Skoda is targeting squarely as a practical family car, but company CEO Maier said they could respond to demand for a performance version to be made.

Speaking at the launch of the Karoq SUV in Sweden, Maier said: “We have from our we have from our customer base very clear feedback that there is obviously a demand in having an SUV with our vRS logo as well, and that has all the ingredients which make the Skoda a vRS."

“We are investigating. We have not made a final decision as of yet. But there might be at least a substantial discussion about that.”

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The development comes following reports that called into question the future of the vRS brand. The Fabia vRS hot hatch was discontinued for this generation of the supermini. Two generations of Fabia vRS were made, but now the only remaining vRS model in the Skoda range is the Octavia

If the Karoq vRS were to make it to market, it’d likely share the same 300bhp turbocharged four-cylinder engine as is found in the Seat Ateca Cupra; the closely related cars would also be each others’ main competitor in the still fledgling hot SUV market. The Volkswagen T-Roc R would also fall into the same category. 

Such a niche product would be a bold move for Skoda, whose brand usually focuses upon practicality and family-friendliness, although being one of the pioneer cars of the segment would be positive for the Karoq vRS’s sales prospects.

Maier also said that a hybrid Karoq could be developed. Skoda will launch its first plug-in hybrid, a version of the Superb, in 2019. Maier added: "The [MQB] platform [the Karoq is built on] is prepared for that, but there's no decision made so far. Until we launch the plug-in Superb we have enough opportunities to really check and balance what car is ready for the market at that time."

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18 May 2017
And why please someone explain to me is this decision the subject matter of a separate story? When all Skoda has to do is take off the FR badge and stick vrs on along with the Skoda moniker in place of Seat. It's not like they are going to develop a new engine for it or a different power train or even different body panels. It is the same car sold under four badges and the unrelenting sales targets could result in us soon seeing one under the Porsche badge to be followed by the still rather hallowed Lamborghini.

19 May 2017
I'd much rather see a Citigo vRS. Or Fabia vRS. Or even a Rapid vRS before an SUV vRS.

19 May 2017
Clone surely......

19 May 2017
We all know they are not.

It is intensely annoying to read this nonsense day in and day out.

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