Porsche's upcoming BMW X6 rival hits the cold weather testing routes, with a debut in the next few months likely
25 January 2019

Porsche is building up to reveal a coupé version of the Cayenne SUV in the coming months, and another prototype has been caught winter testing.

Previously seen at the Nurburgring showing off a new active rectracting spoiler, the Cayenne coupé is targeted as a rival for the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé. Broadening the scope of the Cayenne line-up, it's expected to share the vast majority of its traditional SUV subling.

The spy pictures show that the new Porsche model receives the same front-end styling as the third-generation Cayenne, albeit with a unique front bumper design. In a move mirroring that of its key rivals, it adopts a newly styled liftback-style tailgate, altered rear side windows and a new tail-light design that is aimed at providing the Cayenne coupé with a more sporting profile.

The retractable rear spoiler, which had previously only been seen in its lowered position, appears to raise and lower as a single piece, rather than use the split wing design seen in the second-generation Panamera.

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2018 road test review hero front

The need for a hot SUV to stand out has never been greater. Is the new Cayenne Turbo up to it, or does Land Rover’s SVR division have the edge?

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Engineering sources close to the German car maker told Autocar that UK sales for the more sleek Cayenne derivative are set to begin in the fourth quarter of 2019. Its arrival was confirmed by Porsche boss Oliver Blume, who revealed that he'd granted a production green light to the coupé in June.

Previous spy pictures had shown a development model being tested on public roads in Germany. Camouflaging over the rear lights hide their design, but Autocar's rendering (below) offers insight into what to expect when the model is revealed.

Blume first hinted at the Cayenne hybrid in an interview with Autocar last year. The five-door Cayenne coupé will be based heavily on its more practical Cayenne sibling, alongside which it will be assembled at Porsche’s factory in Leipzig, Germany.

Porsche intends to position the Cayenne coupé as a performance model, with both a 440bhp version of its twin-turbocharged 2.9-litre V6 and a 550bhp version of its twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 petrol engines set to be offered from launch.


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8 June 2018

Porsche now has more 4 doors models than 2 doors ...............  :(

25 January 2019
Michael Joseph wrote:

Porsche now has more 4 doors models than 2 doors ...............  :(

Or more doors than brains.

8 June 2018

I wish they would make a nice sporty GT with their 4liter V8 to rival the S63 AMG. My kinda car 


9 June 2018

Panamera Turbo (S) ?

25 January 2019

Like a modern 928?

Perhaps based upon a shortened Panamera... or the 911 chassis. 

I loved the 928, so that would be a nice revival of a classic nameplate! 

8 June 2018

They are usually quite good... but what is that?

8 June 2018

When will this madness stop?

8 June 2018

Isn’t that just a Panamera?!, really, how many types of Car do we need?

Peter Cavellini.

25 January 2019


8 June 2018

 ... so tired of these companies slavishly following each other. If you reduce the 'U' in 'SUV' to the extent that you end up with 'SV', then what is the point of bulk such as this? Illogical, wasteful decadence.

Wide cars in a world of narrow.


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